Felspire Guide: Strengthen Your Character Date:Wed Feb 17 22:56:28 2016
Felspire Guide: Strengthen Your Character
You can get massive EXP, gold and SP every time you defeat a monster in the Elite Challenge. SP can be used to upgrade passive skills. The more stages you clear, the more rewards you will get... Read More >>
Clash of Avatars Guide: WingsDate:Sat Jan 30 22:08:47 2016
Clash of Avatars Guide: Wings
Wings opens at level 29. Spread your wings and take flight or you can just unlock the wings and look gorgeous. There is the basic wings and the super Transform wings... Read More >>
Wartune Patch 5.5 GuideDate:Wed Jan 20 00:28:42 2016
Wartune Patch 5.5 Guide
R2Games Presents the Wartune 5.5 Patch Update: Selling Eudaemons, City Buildings, and Knighthood... Read More >>
Nightfalls Guide: Guild SystemDate:Sun Dec 06 22:45:16 2015
Nightfalls Guide: Guild System
If you are not a member of a Guild, you will see the Guild list on the right of the Guild interface when you enter it. You can search the Guild you want to join or apply to join the Guild on the list... Read More >>
Lords Road ReviewDate:Mon Oct 12 06:51:21 2015
Lords Road Review
Lords Road is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG where players take on the role of legendary hero, tasked with facing the Dark Lord and bringing peace to the land... Read More >>
Felspire Forge Panel GuideDate:Sun Sep 06 23:49:10 2015
Felspire Forge Panel Guide
When you have obtained a piece of equipment, you may start to improve its stats on the Forge panel... Read More >>
Felspire Gallery GuideDate:Mon Aug 31 22:58:53 2015
Felspire Gallery Guide
Collecting cards will grant you bonuses in your basic stats including HP, ATK, DEF, PATK, MATK and also increase your combat power greatly... Read More >>
Winterfrost Legacy Guide: Leveling QuicklyDate:Thu Aug 27 00:18:57 2015
Winterfrost Legacy Guide: Leveling Quickly
The more you level up, the quicker you can become more powerful and get new titles! Here are some tips to get you there faster... Read More >>
Felspire - 10 Killer Tips to Level Up FasterDate:Wed Aug 26 04:53:46 2015
Felspire - 10 Killer Tips to Level Up Faster
Until lvl.100, players can level up very quick through completing the main quests. This article will give tips regarding how to level up as quickly as possible... Read More >>
Felspire Pet System GuideDate:Sat Aug 22 06:03:58 2015
Felspire Pet System Guide
By completing a series of main quests, you can collect all 8 Pet Fragments and unlock the Pet system... Read More >>
Felspire Guide: Strengthen Your Character Date:Tue Aug 18 07:26:22 2015
Felspire Guide: Strengthen Your Character
You can get massive EXP, gold and SP every time you defeat a monster in the Elite Challenge. SP can be used to upgrade passive skills. The more stages you clear, the more rewards you will get... Read More >>
Felspire GVG System GuideDate:Tue Aug 11 02:44:01 2015
Felspire GVG System Guide
The GvG event will be available from 8:00PM to 9:00PM on the 3rd day after the server opening and every Friday after that. In every server, the system will select the top 3 guilds based on their total CP. ... Read More >>
Felspire FAQDate:Mon Aug 10 02:16:36 2015
Felspire FAQ
When your VIP expires, you will lose 5 VIP EXP points everyday. Without spending diamonds you will gradually drop back to VIP1 at which time you will no longer be able to enjoy VIP privileges... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: The Steel WarDate:Wed Aug 05 22:59:13 2015
Wartune Guide: The Steel War
The Steel War event icon appears in-game at 5:55 1 day before the preliminaries and disappears 1 hour before the preliminaries start. The total Battle Rating of an alliance should be over 3,000,000 to sign up for the event... Read More >>
Dragon Atlas Guide: How to Increase Your Power Quickly?Date:Wed Jan 28 19:36:05 2015
Dragon Atlas Guide: How to Increase Your Power Quickly?
On the first day, you can increase you Combat Power quickly by VIP Card, Dragon, Mercenaries Recruitment, Gems and Attire... Read More >>
Shifu ReviewDate:Mon Jan 19 22:58:31 2015
Shifu Review
Shifu is a free to play MMORPG immersing players into the world of ancient China. Players will venture across the land in search of hidden, powerful Kung Fu techniques to add to their répertoire of deadly moves... Read More >>
Chibi Warriors ReviewDate:Mon Jan 19 02:23:44 2015
Chibi Warriors Review
Chibi Warriors is a cute strategy browser MMO game based on the background of Three Kingdoms. Integrated with character progressions, players in Chibi warriors will be able to strengthen and enhance their character’s capacity quickly. The playing method is simple... Read More >>
Dragon Atlas ReviewDate:Mon Jan 19 02:15:14 2015
Dragon Atlas Review
Dragon Atlas by 37Games is a free to play side-scrolling adventure with a variety of unique features and depth of gameplay. The setting is the world of Ymir, a land where people are able to train dragons and often come into conflict with dragons and other worldly creatures... Read More >>
Wartune: Top Class GuidesDate:Wed Dec 10 20:51:07 2014
Wartune: Top Class Guides
Welcome to the best of our player's guides to the Classes! If your needing help with a particular class, then one of these guides from our very own players should help out... Read More >>
Hero Commander Ruin Guide - Fighting in RuinDate:Mon Dec 08 01:33:11 2014
Hero Commander Ruin Guide - Fighting in Ruin
In order to attack a player, monster, or building, you need to be standing on a directly adjacent tile as per the illustration below... Read More >>
Shadowbound Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide Date:Thu Sep 11 01:06:53 2014
Shadowbound Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide
Here below will show you all about Shadowbound: walkthrough, tips, tricks, cheats, strategy guide an so on... Read More >>
League of Angels (ValcoJoy) Guide: Earn Light Envoy illuminate...Date:Mon Sep 01 06:22:46 2014
League of Angels (ValcoJoy) Guide: Earn Light Envoy illuminate House of Cards
League of Angels’s second Server would load on Valcogames in September. This article will guide you how to earn Light Envoy illuminate House of Cards... Read More >>
League of Angels Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide Date:Thu Aug 28 00:29:07 2014
League of Angels Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide
Here below will show you all about League of Angels: walkthrough, tips, tricks, cheats, strategy guide an so on... Read More >>
Knight's Fable Review From BBGsite.comDate:Tue Jun 10 00:38:07 2014
Knight's Fable Review From
One of the most exciting elements of Knight's Fable is the unique combination of RPG style gameplay and fun mini-games.... Read More >>
Monkey King Online Guide: Bio - FoxDate:Tue May 06 20:57:54 2014
Monkey King Online Guide: Bio - Fox
Fox is the champion of the fox people, and after focusing her Chi for nearly a millennium has honed her skills to the highest echelon of excellence... Read More >>
How to Summon Holy Pets in Alfheim Tales OnlineDate:Tue Apr 29 20:00:51 2014
How to Summon Holy Pets in Alfheim Tales Online
For so many curious players, the official provided an easy description about how to summon the pink pets: players may open profiles with some specific conditions, then the pink pets will be summoned... Read More >>
Monkey King Online Guide: AFKDate:Mon Apr 28 20:35:00 2014
Monkey King Online Guide: AFK
Sometimes you have to step away from the keyboard. We understand how hard it may be to separate yourself from Monkey King Online, so we've include an AFK feature for you... Read More >>
League of Angels (NGames) Guide: AngelsDate:Wed Apr 23 20:53:02 2014
League of Angels (NGames) Guide: Angels
In League of Angels, each player is accompanied by their own guardian angel. You start off with Nocturna, but later you can collect other Angels. Each angel has its own attack skill, and halo, which provides strategic buffs to different members of your party... Read More >>
Monkey King Online Guide: Auto-pathingDate:Tue Apr 22 00:05:00 2014
Monkey King Online Guide: Auto-pathing
The world of Monkey King Online is vast, filled with countless monsters, allies, and quests. Auto-pathing helps you get where you need to go without getting lost... Read More >>
League of Angels (NGames) Equipment GuideDate:Tue Apr 22 00:01:50 2014
League of Angels (NGames) Equipment Guide
Equipment is a great way to increase the overall strength of your party in League of Angels. Here, we will briefly introduce the equipment system... Read More >>
Galaxy Life Guide: How to Expand Fast and Easy Date:Mon Apr 14 00:11:01 2014
Galaxy Life Guide: How to Expand Fast and Easy
This is a guide that will help you to expand faster and more efficiently in Galaxy Life... Read More >>
Championship Manager Online PreviewDate:Thu Dec 05 18:42:42 2013
Championship Manager Online Preview
Championship Manager Online is a web version of the classic console game; Championship Manager (also known as CM)... Read More >>
Alfheim Tales Online Preview: Elfs, Spirits and Mankind: Journey...Date:Mon Nov 25 18:31:30 2013
Alfheim Tales Online Preview: Elfs, Spirits and Mankind: Journey of Discovery
Whats not to love about Elfs, spirits and cute animated pets set in an Anime-style MMO environment? Not much, but it does depend on how you will like them. Raymedia Group Ltd is preparing for an anticipated launching of its new title, Alfheim Tales Online... Read More >>
Anime Ninja PreviewDate:Sun Nov 03 15:50:01 2013
Anime Ninja Preview
This year will be the great year for publisher Prodigy Infinitech. After succeeded on Pirate King, Anime Pirates, Rise of Europe, and War of the Immortals, in October Prodigy have its newest game "Anime Ninja" launched, it is a free-to-play web based game inspired from Naruto series... Read More >>
Blood and Jade PreviewDate:Sun Oct 27 23:02:19 2013
Blood and Jade Preview
Two centuries before the first millennium, the Middle Kingdom is racked by turmoil. The Seven Warring States are locked in a fierce struggle for dominance as the Eastern Zhou Dynasty sits on the brink of collapse... Read More >>
Grand Voyage, an Adventure to Unknown PerilDate:Tue Oct 08 19:57:11 2013
Grand Voyage, an Adventure to Unknown Peril
Grand Voyage is a RPG web game with the backdrop of European discovery and the age of sail... Read More >>
Pockie Saints New Edition PreviewDate:Wed Aug 28 20:44:22 2013
Pockie Saints New Edition Preview
NGames unleashes Pockie Saint's new edition preview; featuring a brand new map, instance and a plethora of additional exciting features.... Read More >>
Chaos Rage PreviewDate:Mon Aug 26 23:41:17 2013
Chaos Rage Preview
Chaos Rage is a mind-boggling MMORPG based on Norse Mythology. It features the unique semi real-time turn-based battle system, as well as hero collecting and growing, castle management and construction... Read More >>
Tales of Solaris Pet Equipment and Instance PreviewDate:Thu Aug 15 20:09:18 2013
Tales of Solaris Pet Equipment and Instance Preview
NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the gaming portal, is thrilled to announce the upcoming introduction of pet equipment to the beta of enchanting MMO Tales of Solaris... Read More >>
Criminal Connection PreviewDate:Wed Aug 14 20:21:20 2013
Criminal Connection Preview
Criminal Connection is a brand new game offering a completely different experience with unique features, compared to the mainstream text-based games... Read More >>
Eternal Saga PreviewDate:Mon Jul 22 22:45:47 2013
Eternal Saga Preview
Eternal Saga is an MMORPG where you explore new worlds, join up with friends to fight enemies, and build a unique and powerful set of skills as you save the world from a demon invasion... Read More >>
Lost Gate PreviewDate:Thu Jul 18 22:56:35 2013
Lost Gate Preview
Lost Gate is a brand new 3D browser game will take you to a world where you have never been. This game has the best graphics, unique combat system and coolest skills, pets and mounts... Read More >>
Lunaria Story PreviewDate:Thu Apr 18 20:42:59 2013
Lunaria Story Preview
Lunaria Story is a 2D, side-scrolling, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It combines the best elements of other popular MMORPGs and classic 2D platform games... Read More >>
Dragon Pals PreviewDate:Mon Apr 15 23:31:04 2013
Dragon Pals Preview
Dragon Pals is a multi-faceted, adventure based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It combines multiple game genres and various manners of gameplay to create a uniquely styled MMORPG... Read More >>
OP Grand Line PreviewDate:Mon Apr 01 19:58:49 2013
OP Grand Line Preview
OP Grand Line is a huge part of ARPG game, based on the hit animated TV series "One Piece", With the Japanese Manga realistic style pictures and various new techniques.... Read More >>
Features in 3D My Heroes ExposedDate:Tue Mar 26 19:57:15 2013
Features in 3D My Heroes Exposed
My Heroes is the first 3D web game self-developed by Gamewave Group. This game takes western cartoon magic theme as background, and rescuing princess as subject, presenting a vivid game world in Cute Version.... Read More >>
Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle PreviewDate:Tue Jan 15 00:25:41 2013
Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle Preview
Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is a medieval-fantasy MMORPG released by R2Games. Broken Realm is the highly anticipated follow-up to R2Games' Crystal Saga: Origins which was released last year.... Read More >>
Chrono Tales PreviewDate:Wed Jan 02 23:15:03 2013
Chrono Tales Preview
Chrono Tales is a free 3D browser-based MMORPG. The new generation engine provides players with anime-styled 3D graphics via browsers, without client download. Traveling through the time rift, players can explore in the fantasy world of Chrono Tales and save the realm from the resurgent evil.... Read More >>
Heroes of the Realm PreviewDate:Thu Dec 27 21:53:01 2012
Heroes of the Realm Preview
Welcome to Heroes of the Realm, an exciting Free-to-Play browser-based title that blends key elements from simulation, card battle/collection, and strategic RPG genres into one of the most fun and addictive games you will ever play... Read More >>
The Lost Titans PreviewDate:Tue Nov 06 22:33:18 2012
The Lost Titans Preview
The Lost Titans is a massively multiplayer roleplaying game set in a fantasy world based off of Greek mythology. ... Read More >>
Time Travel Heroes PreviewDate:Thu Oct 25 02:29:16 2012
Time Travel Heroes Preview
The game Time Travel Heroes has addictive game-plays and nicely-designed systems. The player can develop his heroes while appreciating the attractive plots, choose and deploy heroes, and enhance equipment as well as skills... Read More >>
Overlords: Might & Tactics Alpha Test PreviewDate:Wed Sep 26 21:44:10 2012
Overlords: Might & Tactics Alpha Test Preview
Overlords: Might & Tactics is an upcoming turn-based strategy browser game published on Gamedp platform recently. The game is staged in the long warring history of the ancient Europe. Players will roam the fabric of space and time, travel the civilizations that dawned humanity and experience the bloody...... Read More >>
Dragon's Call II PreviewDate:Wed Sep 12 21:49:37 2012
Dragon's Call II Preview
Ray Media Group has done it once again. Dragon's Call II is the world players have been begging to run around for years, and RMG puts their best foot forward in the release of their sequel to one of the best browser based MMORPGs ever.... Read More >>
Age of Titans PreviewDate:Tue Sep 11 22:16:28 2012
Age of Titans Preview
Put your ingrown divine power into good use, wield your all-conquering weapons, and join in the epic journey in Age of Titans to head for your ultimate destiny—a legendary Titan! Age of Titans is a fantasy MMORPG to be published in MENA region by Tahadi Games.... Read More >>
City of Steam PreviewDate:Wed Jul 25 01:39:28 2012
City of Steam Preview
City of Steam, a full-featured, browser-based 3D MMORPG, transports players to an industrial metropolis that has fallen from grace. Emerging from the ashes of ages past, heroes versed in swordplay, divine harmonies, and the arcane arts seek their fortune in a world beset by countless foes, from dangerous...... Read More >>
Pockie Pirates Preview: Game FeaturesDate:Mon Jun 18 18:31:28 2012
Pockie Pirates Preview: Game Features
Pockie Pirate is the first horizontal version of RPG webgame released by Game321. Based on the theme of dream, passion, youth and friendship, you will play the role of a young pirate, determining to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates.... Read More >>
Serenia Fantasy PreviewDate:Tue Jun 12 07:50:09 2012
Serenia Fantasy Preview
Serenia Fantasy is a fantasy 2D realtime combat browser-based RPG. With unique artwork, special effects, and innovative gameplay features Serenia, a world known for its mystery and magic, promises to deliver one of 2012's top browser games!... Read More >>
Bubble Ninja PreviewDate:Mon May 28 07:01:20 2012
Bubble Ninja Preview
The Bubble Ninja is the first horizontal version of anime theme ninja action web games. "Bubble Ninja" set up in the mysterious world of Naruto, and learn the essence of the Japanese ninja culture, to focus on the operating and competitive experience as the main game purpose, interactions with friends...... Read More >>
Pockie Pirates PreviewDate:Mon May 21 03:26:39 2012
Pockie Pirates Preview
I just came across this game in Chinese version and I think this is the upcoming game of GAME321.COM which will have a game title Pockie Pirates.... Read More >>
War of Troy PreviewDate:Thu May 17 06:03:41 2012
War of Troy Preview
War of Troy is an extraordinary free multi-player online strategy game inspired by ancient Greek mythology and culture. You begin your journey by choosing an ancient Hero - Bellerophon to lead you into battle and be the protector of your city.... Read More >>
Old Crims PreviewDate:Thu Apr 26 06:02:30 2012
Old Crims Preview
Old Crims is a RPG Online game that takes place in the fictional town called CrimCity. This metropolis is full of delinquents.... Read More >>
Forge of Empires PreviewDate:Thu Apr 12 07:24:48 2012
Forge of Empires Preview
Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game that lets you create your own city and accompany it from the beginning of the Stone Age onward throughout the centuries.... Read More >>
Dragon Born PreviewDate:Tue Apr 10 08:04:37 2012
Dragon Born Preview
Dragon Born is a Free to Play browser based MMORPG by Koramgame. In this world players partake in magical adventures, battle epic monsters, and team up with their friends. The best part is it's free and can be played anywhere, from your browser!... Read More >>
Roll n Rock PreviewDate:Mon Feb 13 08:19:37 2012
Roll n Rock Preview
Roll n Rock is a cute casual browser-based sports MMO game with no need to download. Featuring easy and simple controls as well as varied and diversified gaming elements, Roll n Rock will offer players a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Fight beside or against other players, it's your call!... Read More >>
RiotZone PreviewDate:Wed Feb 01 05:54:22 2012
RiotZone Preview
Welcome to the tough world of RiotZone - a militaristic browser-based strategy game based on modern conflicts! The game deals with the fight to liberate Merania - a small state in Latin America that is suffering under the yoke of military rule.... Read More >>
Pockie Ninja Bloodsoul GuideDate:Thu Jan 19 07:06:43 2012
Pockie Ninja Bloodsoul  Guide
You can discover Bloodsoul for free, or use gift coupons and gold. You can Discover a Bloodsoul to reinforce your Bloodline Limit. Different levels of Bloodsoul have different requirement, Let's show you below... Read More >>
UFO Online – Fight for Earth PreviewDate:Wed Jan 18 03:05:11 2012
UFO Online – Fight for Earth Preview
UFO Online – Fight for Earth is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in the near future. Humanity has split into three factions that are competing for the few remaining resources left on Earth.... Read More >>
Einherjar PreviewDate:Tue Jan 17 06:33:25 2012
Einherjar Preview
Firstly launched in Japan in November 2010, Einherjar quickly earns its high ground in this Sakura country. Players will see a reenactment of mighty Viking warriors in the world of Einherjar.... Read More >>
Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Boodline Limit New Pets Guide Date:Wed Jan 11 10:43:09 2012
Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Boodline Limit New Pets Guide
Keen sense of smell, very smart. Somehow it manages to communicate with Tsunade and Shizune, and it gets along well with Kakashi's pet Pakkun. Modsouls (and quite good-looking). When out of his Gigai, he inhabits a green turtle toy... Read More >>
Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Boodline Limit New Outfits GuideDate:Wed Jan 11 10:29:17 2012
Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Boodline Limit New Outfits Guide
The two newly added outfits have no restrictions of weapon type. Please click to learn more... Read More >>
Skylancer PreviewDate:Sun Jan 08 07:02:29 2012
Skylancer Preview
Skylancer is a free-to-play fantasy MMO, where strategy and tactics are as important as a love for adventure and exploration! Explore the fantastic world of Horizon with your own floating island, fight dangerous creatures, pirates and other Skylancers, and build your faction with a tower to the moon...... Read More >>
Light of Nova PreviewDate:Sun Dec 18 11:37:56 2011
Light of Nova Preview
Light of Nova is a free-to-play browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS) game, which casts you in the role of commander of a space fleet. Your goal is to build an invincible space armada by completing missions and destroying enemy warships.... Read More >>
Sword Girls PreviewDate:Tue Dec 06 07:47:14 2011
Sword Girls Preview
Sword Girls is an online collectible card game featuring stunning anime artwork and strategic game play. Sword Girls offers an engaging experience whether it's your first card game or you're a seasoned veteran. The game offers hundreds of unique and alluring cards to collect. ... Read More >>
Forge of Empires PreviewDate:Thu Dec 01 07:03:07 2011
Forge of Empires Preview
Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game that lets you create your own city and accompany it from the beginning of the Stone Age onward throughout the centuries.... Read More >>
Stardrift Empires, a Game of Galactic Conquest!Date:Thu Nov 03 02:00:09 2011
Stardrift Empires, a Game of Galactic Conquest!
Stardrift Empires, the latest real time strategy game from Blue Frog Gaming. Set in a sprawling multi-galaxy universe, Stardrift Empires integrates fun game play elements into an intergalactic combat crusade.... Read More >>
Call of thrones PreviewDate:Thu Oct 27 09:56:53 2011
Call of thrones Preview
The mix of SLG and RPG elements in Call of thrones enables players to explore their own destiny while conquering territory and gaining power. The game's 3D visuals and music resemble client-based titles and offer players the best graphics and smoothest gameplay of any browser-based game on the market...... Read More >>
Star Supremacy PreviewDate:Thu Oct 27 03:03:28 2011
Star Supremacy Preview
Star Supremacy is a massively multiplayer war strategy webgame, adapted from the singleplayer game Light of Altair. Over the background of space exploration, intricate conflicts amongst the three major factions UEO, Altairian and Seekers re-emerge.... Read More >>
Rising of King Preview: A Different Kind of StrategyDate:Mon Oct 17 09:29:59 2011
Rising of King Preview: A Different Kind of Strategy
Rising of King puts "Soul Cannons" and "Giant Rats" in the hands of online-gamers. With a creative spin on military warfare and a unique, close-knit player community, ROK appeals to a new generation of players. ... Read More >>
Golden Age PreviewDate:Sat Oct 08 02:44:24 2011
Golden Age Preview
Golden Age delivers an expansive Real-Time Strategy(RTS) gaming experience infused with RPG elements, all without the need for a long download. Players can log in and instantly start playing from any web browser.... Read More >>
Magic Campus - Conquer Evil!Date:Thu Sep 29 03:18:46 2011
Magic Campus - Conquer Evil!
Magic Campus will whisk you away into a fantastic world full of danger and adventure. On your quest for new challenges you’ll complete a variety of missions, perform dangerous feats, fight monsters and learn new tricks and spells from experience magicians. ... Read More >>
Dino Storm PreviewDate:Mon Sep 26 06:55:48 2011
Dino Storm Preview
Fame and fortune await brave adventurers in the free 3D multiplayer Dino Storm. With just a few dollars in your pocket, a little ammunition, a loaded laser cannon, and your small dinosaur, you make your way to DinoVille.... Read More >>
Battlestar Galactica Online PreviewDate:Thu Sep 22 02:48:37 2011
Battlestar Galactica Online Preview
Which side will you choose - Human or Cylon? The choice is yours with Battlestar Galactica Online: the free-to-play, browser-based MMO by BigPoint. Immerse yourself within the exciting universe of the hit re-imagined series from Syfy. ... Read More >>
Empire Rising PreviewDate:Wed Sep 21 06:54:17 2011
Empire Rising Preview
Empire Rising is a browser-based MMO strategy game that allows you to experience the excitement, joy, and triumph of building your own empire. As a free-to-play game players can experience every aspect of the game using gold which can be accumulated through in-game actions, or may become a premium user...... Read More >>
Naviage PreviewDate:Thu Sep 01 02:27:25 2011
Naviage Preview
Naviage is an epic maritime adventure web game with a complex game structure and a magnificent backstory set against the developing empires of the 15th Century. Players will be engaged by elements of an RPG, a global trading business and national empire building.... Read More >>
SkyRama PreviewDate:Sun Aug 21 08:13:48 2011
SkyRama Preview
SkyRama lets players manage their own airport, organize flights and tend to airport customers and flight guests. ... Read More >>
Crystal Saga PreviewDate:Sun Aug 21 02:43:13 2011
Crystal Saga Preview
Crystal Saga is a refined free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG. Not only does it offer a vast virtual world, but also features a captivating and detailed storyline. Players may choose from five available classes: Mage, Paladin, Priest, Ranger and Rogue.... Read More >>
Kapi Hospital PreviewDate:Tue Aug 16 07:45:44 2011
Kapi Hospital Preview
Create your very own hospital in the free browser based online game Kapi Hospital and become the greatest Medical Director of all times! You consider hospital games and economic simulations to be much too dry and no fun at all? ... Read More >>
MondoCarto PreviewDate:Mon Jul 25 07:42:45 2011
MondoCarto Preview
MondoCarto is a FREE treasure hunting browser game. The purpose of the game is really simple – the first player to find the treasure wins. While exploring the extensive game map, many magical items with impressive powers can be found, but various traps also await along the way. ... Read More >>
Cromimi PreviewDate:Tue Jul 19 03:40:55 2011
Cromimi Preview
Launched two years ago in France by Beemoov, an Internet video games editing company, Cromimi is a game where you can adopt hamsters and mice. No need to install or download anything, the game is fully available on the website... Read More >>
Elfender PreviewDate:Mon Jul 18 02:39:52 2011
Elfender Preview
Elfender is a free to play game. Cute graphics, together with multiple battle modes like PvP and PvE, will definitely bring you an exciting, interactive and cheerful experience. ... Read More >>
Iron Marshal PreviewDate:Sun Jul 17 06:42:44 2011
Iron Marshal Preview
Iron Marshal is a WWII strategy game, where you build up your base, fight in historic campaigns and change the course of history. It features great graphics, historic campaigns, period costumes weapons and vehicles, as well as an exciting battle system that will keep you coming back for more. The following...... Read More >>
Athuria PreviewDate:Tue Jun 28 02:30:02 2011
Athuria Preview
Athuria is an MMORTS combined with RPG, a perfect fusion of strategy and role-playing. The game is set in a fantastic western story. It's based on equisite interface, legendary stories, ingenious strategies and battles without any preliminaries, aiming to provide players the best gaming experience. ... Read More >>
Operation Gamma 41 PreviewDate:Fri Jun 17 16:32:23 2011
Operation Gamma 41 Preview
Operation Gamma 41 is a browser based strategy role-playing game by Just A Game. The year of 1941 was the most violent the world had seen to date. The frontlines between the Allied Imperial Forces and the Free Confederation, set in stone for so long, finally collapsed and broke into chaos. Many battles...... Read More >>
Hellbreed PreviewDate:Mon Jun 20 04:34:42 2011
Hellbreed Preview
Hellbreed is a realtime warfare themed exciting browser game with sinister Hack and Slash action and fantastic 3D graphics. Have you entered the Hellbreed world for a fantastic journey? Now let me give you a brief game preview.... Read More >>
Hearts of Iron PreviewDate:Sun Jun 19 02:59:36 2011
Hearts of Iron Preview
Hearts of Iron The Card Game is a free to play online collectible card game where players get to re-enact World War II in their browsers. The game features over 120 unique cards with authentic World War II artwork, which players can use to create decks according to their liking.... Read More >>
Fog of War: Napoleonic War Research GuideDate:Thu Jun 16 02:15:17 2011
Fog of War: Napoleonic War Research Guide
In Fog of War: Napoleonic War, researching technology is one of the best ways to advance your game. Each new technology gives you some prestige, and if you’re completing the quests, then you’ll often get your hard earnt gold returned to you after spending it on researching a new NapWar technology.... Read More >>
Exoplanet War Guide: FAQDate:Wed Jun 15 08:43:40 2011
Exoplanet War Guide: FAQ
In Exoplanet War, you start your journey a small, non-developed colony on Planet Xenos which serves as your central base...needless to say this colony could do with some improvements. Can you utilize your men and be the ruler of the planet? In this FAQ section we will give you some general ideas on how...... Read More >>
Alteil Guide: Using Blaze Knuckle and Assassin TeamDate:Wed Jun 15 05:40:10 2011
Alteil Guide: Using Blaze Knuckle and Assassin Team
In Alteil, Blaze Knuckle and Assassin Team sure look good, but with two of the most complicated skills in the game, how do they work, and how do you use them? ... Read More >>
Batheo Beginner Guide: Game EventsDate:Sun Jun 12 08:16:55 2011
Batheo Beginner Guide: Game Events
The game cycles through 4 seasons, each season represents 1 real day. League Battles can occur at anytime except Winter (unless you queued for it in Fall, the day before). Silver Mine Wrestle only occurs in Summer.... Read More >>
Dynasty Chronicles Novice GuideDate:Sun Jun 12 02:30:33 2011
Dynasty Chronicles Novice Guide
A recommendation for your first week: develop for your quest! It is better for you to end your Novice Protection in one or two days and try your best to accumulate your Favor points in the early days. So we suggest you build a Subcity when you have 5 generals, not 4...... Read More >>

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