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Naruto Saga, as it is named, is based on the Naruto anime series, adoptting a Stage Mode. Nartuo Saga combines the Kof battle with QTE Operation, which may bring player a fresh gaming experience. It is first introduced by, the endsville web game portal. The multiple gameplays make it worth playing.

Naruto Saga

Naruto Saga is a turn-based game where the 1v1 mode is applied. In each battle, the both sides can have up to 3 players on battle that will fight in turn. Click onthe skill icon the skill will be released automatically in the next round. It will cost a certain amount of chakra. If you haven't done any operation, then in the next round, your character will use the normal attack. Each partner has 4 active skills and 2 passive skills, a proper use of them may help you win the battle. Some of the skills support the QTE mode. A set of letters will appear on the screen when the QTE mode is triggered, press the key correctly, it can boost the skill effect!

Naruto Saga

Players,after completing the first main quest, they can choose a ninja genre. There are mainly three ninja genres: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Different ninja genres have differents attacks and skills. Taijutsu: Phycial attack, taijutsu ninjas are adept at close combat; Ninjutsu: Magic attack, ninjutsu ninjas are adept at secret art; Genjutsu: Illusion attack, genjutsu ninjas are good at illusion seals. Player will need to create a resounding name for your main ninja. You can either use the name generated by system or create a new name by yourself.

Quest System is one of the main and common systems in game. The plots in the game are connected by quests.  Players don’t need to run to a specific NPC to take quest, as quests in this game are accepted automatically when player meets the condition. Quest can be divided into main, side, daily and other special types. The main plot unfolds through a series of main quests.

Naruto Saga

In Naruto Saga, there are up to 10 types of partners for players to choose to form their own battle formation. Of course,before the battle starts, you should select up to 3 partners you wish to use in the battle and set them on array. You can arrange their position in the formation according to their genre.

Naruto Saga

Each character or ninja in Naruto Saga has their own unique skills. If you want to try every skill, you can transform into different ninjas to experience them. Player can transform into 10 different ninjas. After reaching a certain level, player can activate the corresponding character. The activated character can bring attribute bonus to all your partners. There are many other game settings in this game waiting for you to explore, such as chat system, summoning system and arena. As a Naruto fan, you may find all your expectations are satisfied in Naruto Saga.



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