Naruto Saga Battles and Arena Guide

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Battle Interface

Battle Mode

Naruto Saga adopts turn-based combat under 1v1 mode, allowing each side to have up to 3 partners on the formation and battle one by one.

Battle Operation

Press a skill key (which costs a certain Chakra) and the skill will be automatically released in next attack round, but if you don't press the key, it will be just a normal attack next round.

Battle Skills

Each partner has 4 active skills and 2 passive skills that shall be wisely used in the battle.

QTE Skills

Some skills support QTE mode. While you use skills, letter combos will be randomly triggered. If you press the right keys, the skill power will be enhanced.

Combat Action & Special Effects

Naruto Saga gets all effects you can think of, including repelling, weather, etc.


Among all the challenges in the adventure, Arena is the best place to show your ninjutsu prowess!

Click on button to battle in the Arena.

After entering the Arena, find Arena Administrator to challenge other players.

Match Mode

Arena uses the ladder rules. You will fight a system-assigned player who has the similar Points as you. If you defeat him/her, you will get a certain points. If not, you will lose Points. As regard to the amount of Points earned or deducted, it is up to the two players'Point gap.

Arena Title

Players can challenge the opponents to earn Points that will decide players' titles: Student, Genin, Chunin, Jounin…. Titles can add attribute bonus to players.

There are other features on the top right corner of the Arena

I Bounty

Players can accept a bounty quest every day: defeating the player who is randomly matched by the system and as strong as you can net you lush rewards

II Rankin

The ranking displays the top 10 point players

III Claim Reward

Players can claim Arena Rewards based on their ranks once every 3 days

Players can also get massive rewards by defeating the top 10 players in the server.

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