Clash of Avatars Guide: WingsDate:Sat Jan 30 22:08:47 2016
Clash of Avatars Guide: Wings
Wings opens at level 29. Spread your wings and take flight or you can just unlock the wings and look gorgeous. There is the basic wings and the super Transform wings... Read More >>
Wartune Patch 5.5 GuideDate:Wed Jan 20 00:28:42 2016
Wartune Patch 5.5 Guide
R2Games Presents the Wartune 5.5 Patch Update: Selling Eudaemons, City Buildings, and Knighthood... Read More >>
Clash of Avatars FAQDate:Wed Jan 06 17:56:44 2016
Clash of Avatars FAQ
There are many different kinds of currencies in CoA, like: Diamond, Voucher, Gold, Honor Point, Courage Point, Conquest Point and Justice Point... Read More >>
Nightfalls Guide: Upgrade and EvolveDate:Tue Dec 15 03:46:29 2015
Nightfalls Guide: Upgrade and Evolve
All heroes can get EXP to be upgraded from the quests, beside which you can consume EXP items and Silver to upgrade them... Read More >>
Wartune Patch 5.2 GuideDate:Sat Dec 12 22:24:08 2015
Wartune Patch 5.2 Guide
R2Games Presents the Wartune 5.2 Update Patch: A Redneck Christmas with Gambling and Tattoos... Read More >>
Nightfalls Guide: Guild SystemDate:Sun Dec 06 22:45:16 2015
Nightfalls Guide: Guild System
If you are not a member of a Guild, you will see the Guild list on the right of the Guild interface when you enter it. You can search the Guild you want to join or apply to join the Guild on the list... Read More >>
Magerealm Griffin Training GuideDate:Tue Nov 17 20:52:42 2015
Magerealm Griffin Training Guide
If you don’t know, but when it comes to the hot topic in Magerealm, those in the loop naturally know: Mount! Mounts of all looks and functions have created a new phenomenon... Read More >>
Tips for Eternal Dream Rookies Date:Sat Nov 14 19:01:34 2015
Tips for Eternal Dream Rookies
Hi, guys, I am rapt in this new MMORPG - Eternal Dream. The gameplay is abundant and interesting. If you've never played a MMORPG before, relax, Eternal Dream is very easy to get started in and to have fun with... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Patch 5.1Date:Sun Nov 08 21:45:47 2015
Wartune Guide: Patch 5.1
In the Game Box, you may find Wartune mini games including Fishing, Jewel Hunt, Cloud Adventures and more! Enjoy ultimate fun... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Patch 5.0Date:Wed Sep 09 07:00:36 2015
Wartune Guide: Patch 5.0
The "What Up My Glip Glops!" 5.0 Patch - Delve into Danger in Tara Temple... Read More >>
Felspire Forge Panel GuideDate:Sun Sep 06 23:49:10 2015
Felspire Forge Panel Guide
When you have obtained a piece of equipment, you may start to improve its stats on the Forge panel... Read More >>
Felspire Gallery GuideDate:Mon Aug 31 22:58:53 2015
Felspire Gallery Guide
Collecting cards will grant you bonuses in your basic stats including HP, ATK, DEF, PATK, MATK and also increase your combat power greatly... Read More >>
Winterfrost Legacy Guide: Leveling QuicklyDate:Thu Aug 27 00:18:57 2015
Winterfrost Legacy Guide: Leveling Quickly
The more you level up, the quicker you can become more powerful and get new titles! Here are some tips to get you there faster... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide: Artifact WorkshopDate:Thu Aug 27 00:14:48 2015
League of Angels Guide: Artifact Workshop
Artifact Workshop feature will open when your character reaches Lv.70. This system can be used to refine your Angel Artifacts. You can equip your angel with Artifact to get Artifact skills and to increase the Battle Rating... Read More >>
Felspire - 10 Killer Tips to Level Up FasterDate:Wed Aug 26 04:53:46 2015
Felspire - 10 Killer Tips to Level Up Faster
Until lvl.100, players can level up very quick through completing the main quests. This article will give tips regarding how to level up as quickly as possible... Read More >>
Felspire Pet System GuideDate:Sat Aug 22 06:03:58 2015
Felspire Pet System Guide
By completing a series of main quests, you can collect all 8 Pet Fragments and unlock the Pet system... Read More >>
Felspire Guide: Strengthen Your Character Date:Tue Aug 18 07:26:22 2015
Felspire Guide: Strengthen Your Character
You can get massive EXP, gold and SP every time you defeat a monster in the Elite Challenge. SP can be used to upgrade passive skills. The more stages you clear, the more rewards you will get... Read More >>
Felspire GVG System GuideDate:Tue Aug 11 02:44:01 2015
Felspire GVG System Guide
The GvG event will be available from 8:00PM to 9:00PM on the 3rd day after the server opening and every Friday after that. In every server, the system will select the top 3 guilds based on their total CP. ... Read More >>
Felspire FAQDate:Mon Aug 10 02:16:36 2015
Felspire FAQ
When your VIP expires, you will lose 5 VIP EXP points everyday. Without spending diamonds you will gradually drop back to VIP1 at which time you will no longer be able to enjoy VIP privileges... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: The Steel WarDate:Wed Aug 05 22:59:13 2015
Wartune Guide: The Steel War
The Steel War event icon appears in-game at 5:55 1 day before the preliminaries and disappears 1 hour before the preliminaries start. The total Battle Rating of an alliance should be over 3,000,000 to sign up for the event... Read More >>
Felspire Basic Operations GuideDate:Wed Aug 05 08:29:39 2015
Felspire Basic Operations Guide
Left click the items to pick them up. Ifthe item is a little far away from the character, you can left click to move to where the item is and pick it up. You can also use Space to pick the nearby items... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Patch 4.5 - The Narrandera RemainsDate:Fri Jul 24 02:57:38 2015
Wartune Guide:  Patch 4.5 - The Narrandera Remains
Brand New Patch 4.5 - The Narrandera Remains is Coming! Double Attribute Sylph - Sylphs that possess the power of both Dark and Light! War of Eternity - Party up with your spouse and take down the bad guys... Read More >>
Magerealm Wings GuideDate:Tue Jul 21 02:55:14 2015
Magerealm Wings Guide
Wings are available to your character when you reach lvl 7 in tutorial. You can access this feauture by pushing "V" key on your keyboard or click on the "Wings" buttom at the bottom of the screen... Read More >>
Magerealm Skill GuideDate:Tue Jul 14 04:03:16 2015
Magerealm Skill Guide
Skill system can be accessed at the bottom of your screen or by click on "K" keyboard... Read More >>
Magerealm Recruit Heroes GuideDate:Thu Jul 09 22:36:26 2015
Magerealm Recruit Heroes Guide
To access "Recruit Heroes" (which can be opened after player character reach lvl 22) you have to open Recruit Heroes at the top side side of your screen... Read More >>
League of Angels Element Training Guide Date:Wed Jul 08 05:04:28 2015
League of Angels Element Training Guide
This feature is available to players which level reached 55 lvl or higher. You can access Element Training icon by clicking on "Element Training" which can be found at the bottom of your screen... Read More >>
Magerealm Characters GuideDate:Wed Jul 01 05:39:25 2015
Magerealm Characters Guide
The gods of the past have left powerful artifacts in their absence in the form of divine Wings. These Wings provide a large stat boost when equipped on your character. There are normal wings and special wings... Read More >>
Magerealm Some Tips for New Players Date:Fri Jun 26 17:59:07 2015
Magerealm Some Tips for New Players
Creating a character in Magerealm is very simple; all you have to do is follow these steps:... Read More >>
Magerealm Guild GuideDate:Fri Jun 26 17:55:27 2015
Magerealm Guild Guide
The Demonic invasion has sewn chaos in Magerealm, but the Mages have found strength in numbers. The Guild system in Magerealm provides a close-knit community for players, with of numerous activities to tackle solo or enjoy with friends... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Patch 4.0 - Part Three Date:Wed Jun 17 03:47:16 2015
Wartune Guide: Patch 4.0 - Part Three
Unlocked at level 15, players may enter this by clicking the Ancient Treasure event icon. Please note that part in this event consumes Balens. The Ancient Treasure event includes multiple stages of rewards... Read More >>
Magerealm Hero GuideDate:Sun Jun 14 02:15:35 2015
Magerealm Hero Guide
In Magerealm you will find an assortment of Heroes of all shapes and sizes. These heroes will act as your right-hand man so pick carefully which hero best matches your class... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: How to Get Rid of Your Surplus Sylph EXP ScrollsDate:Sun Jun 14 01:51:03 2015
Wartune Guide: How to Get Rid of Your Surplus Sylph EXP Scrolls
Face this: all your sylphs have reached maximum exp. Still you receive Sylph EXP Scrolls. You can't sell them and so they will use a spot in your inventory for nothing... Read More >>
Magerealm FAQ (Keep Updating)Date:Wed Jun 10 20:48:49 2015
Magerealm FAQ (Keep Updating)
The combat skills in Magerealm use a no-lock system. Skills are cast at the location of your mouse cursor. Move the cursor to where you want to cast, then press the skill hotkey... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Titan WarDate:Wed Jun 10 03:27:50 2015
Wartune Guide: Titan War
Event Time: Once per month. The preliminaries are held on Thursday, while the final is held on Saturday. Required Level: 50+, players should be in a party when signing up to join the event... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Mythic SylphsDate:Fri May 29 00:42:34 2015
Wartune Guide: Mythic Sylphs
How to Obtain: Mythic Sylphs can be obtained after a second refinement... Read More >>
Wartune Guide: Guild Beast (Braves' Battle)Date:Wed May 27 01:56:59 2015
Wartune Guide: Guild Beast (Braves' Battle)
The guild leader can summon the Guild Beast once per day. Summon attempts reset at 5:00 AM every day. Summoning the Guild Beast consumes Guild Wealth. Different Guild Beasts consume a different amount of Guild Wealth... Read More >>
Wartune Patch 4.0 GuideDate:Tue May 26 02:16:41 2015
Wartune Patch 4.0 Guide
In Version 4.0 players can synthesize Lvl.7-12 double attribute gems in the Blacksmith. These gems include: PATK & Crit Gems, PDEF & MDEF Gems, PDEF & HP Gems, MATK & Crit Gems, MDEF & HP Gems, and HP& Block Gems... Read More >>
Wartune Clothing GuideDate:Fri May 22 04:59:06 2015
Wartune Clothing Guide
Clothing is a unique addition to Wartune. Not only will it boost your attributes, but it will also provide your character with a distinctive new look. Standard clothing is purchasable in the Shop, along with Fashion Cores, and Good Luck Charms... Read More >>
Stormthrone In-depth Guide for PaladinDate:Fri May 08 01:47:22 2015
Stormthrone In-depth Guide for Paladin
This guide is just a guide for Paladin users or planning on making a paladin character. If you have suggestions kindly comment down below:... Read More >>
Very Helpful Tips for StormthrneDate:Thu May 07 02:15:40 2015
Very Helpful Tips for Stormthrne
A trick if you are looking for manuals. Leave your character AFK over night, but turn off picking up equipment. You actually find manuals off of normal monsters... Read More >>
Stormthrone Pet GuideDate:Mon May 04 22:50:15 2015
Stormthrone Pet Guide
If you still don't know how to get a pet in the game, below is the guide that may do some help to you... Read More >>
Stormthrone FAQ: Stats And AcronymsDate:Sun Apr 26 20:04:06 2015
Stormthrone FAQ: Stats And Acronyms
There are numerous statistics in Stormthrone. You can find most of these in your character panel, by clicking the left arrow on the left hand side of the panel... Read More >>
Sparta: War of Empires Game GuideDate:Mon Mar 02 23:48:13 2015
Sparta: War of Empires Game Guide
Sparta: War of Empires™ is all about collecting resources, so that you, as leader and Archon of your City in 5th Century BC ancient Greece, can farm enough resources and build a City and an army strong enough to protect your own city and attack others... Read More >>
Nova Genesis Zenith GuideDate:Sat Feb 21 05:41:00 2015
Nova Genesis Zenith Guide
Wyvern: Cultivating this little dragon rewards players with additional stats. The Zenith will also give players gold if they feed it from time to time... Read More >>
Siegelord Disputes Campaign Full GuideDate:Sun Feb 15 21:36:27 2015
Siegelord Disputes Campaign Full Guide
I didn’t finish 5* yet full campaign , left Epic to do 5*.But since i only tried it as test (what to do and where to go). I completed it with only 3* with 10phantom drops , so i should be able to do 4* , but 5* i don’t think so... Read More >>
Nova Genesis Class Guide: WraithDate:Sun Feb 15 21:08:09 2015
Nova Genesis Class Guide: Wraith
Grasping a dagger in each hand, the Wraith employs agile attacks and stunning skills to deliver critical blows to enemies. Wraiths can choose from 3 Skill Trees: Eviscerate - single target damage; Flay - area damage; Toxin - enemy control... Read More >>
Nova Genesis Geodes GuideDate:Sat Feb 14 18:50:23 2015
Nova Genesis Geodes Guide
There are 5 types of Fusion: Fine, Greater, Rare, Epic, and Ultra. Fusing Geodes gives points.There’s a chance a of illumination when fusing Geodes. There are 3 fusion attempts per day... Read More >>
Dragon Atlas Guide: How to Increase Your Power Quickly?Date:Wed Jan 28 19:36:05 2015
Dragon Atlas Guide: How to Increase Your Power Quickly?
On the first day, you can increase you Combat Power quickly by VIP Card, Dragon, Mercenaries Recruitment, Gems and Attire... Read More >>
Siegelord Guide: Level 80 - 89Date:Wed Jan 28 19:25:04 2015
Siegelord Guide: Level 80 - 89
Hi guys, welcome to the guide for the scenarios 80 – 89. This guide will tell you the orders of generals which I think are the best for the specific scenarios... Read More >>
Nova Genesis Soul GuideDate:Mon Jan 19 23:08:12 2015
Nova Genesis Soul Guide
How to obtain: Dungeon monsters have a chance to drop various types of souls. Each soul has a set amount of spirit. Souls with more spirit give more stat bonuses. Each soul can only be used to Energize certain pieces of equipment... Read More >>
Nova Genesis Forge GuideDate:Fri Jan 16 01:45:33 2015
Nova Genesis Forge Guide
All equipment can be enhanced via the forge. An item’s enhancement level depends on its quality and item level.Cost: Enhancing items costs gold. Higher level items cost more gold to enhance... Read More >>
Nova Genesis Guild GuideDate:Tue Jan 13 20:03:50 2015
Nova Genesis Guild Guide
To create a guild, players need to spend either gold or rubies. Guild names can be 6 characters long. There’s also an option to pick an emblem... Read More >>
Kingdom Rift Dungeons GuideDate:Fri Jan 09 00:49:37 2015
Kingdom Rift Dungeons Guide
There are 14 levels in the Bloodwar dungeon. Defeat all monsters on a level to advance to the next level. Your time on each layer is limited. If you don't kill all monsters within the time limit, you'll fail the dungeon... Read More >>
Heroes of The Banner Maps GuideDate:Fri Jan 09 00:42:56 2015
Heroes of The Banner Maps Guide
With over 60 different maps and 10 levels on each map, Heroes of the Banner offers a cornucopia of challenging monsters. Players spend Banners to battle, winning precious Gold, Medals, items and EXP... Read More >>
Shadowbound MP Purgatory Floors Guide Date:Fri Jan 09 00:27:51 2015
Shadowbound MP Purgatory Floors Guide
I have a few pics of some floors, but the edit is slow, so i will just post one at a time, hoping more players will add too, different floors or ways. Mine will be for a faster route, leaving some chests behind when they are hidden(fog)... Read More >>
Kingdom Rift Goddesses GuideDate:Wed Jan 07 01:37:26 2015
Kingdom Rift Goddesses Guide
You will meet your first goddess, Leceiras, at some point in the main quest. Subsequent goddesses become available at different levels. Use Silver and that particular goddess's tear to unlock them... Read More >>
Wartune: Top Class GuidesDate:Wed Dec 10 20:51:07 2014
Wartune: Top Class Guides
Welcome to the best of our player's guides to the Classes! If your needing help with a particular class, then one of these guides from our very own players should help out... Read More >>
Hero Commander Ruin Guide - Fighting in RuinDate:Mon Dec 08 01:33:11 2014
Hero Commander Ruin Guide - Fighting in Ruin
In order to attack a player, monster, or building, you need to be standing on a directly adjacent tile as per the illustration below... Read More >>
Hero Commander Guide To Be A MillionaireDate:Tue Nov 25 21:59:02 2014
Hero Commander Guide To Be A Millionaire
In Hero Commander, all of you have your own castles.... Read More >>
Stormthrone: Aeos Rising Winds Starter TipsDate:Mon Nov 24 00:51:02 2014
Stormthrone: Aeos Rising Winds Starter Tips
Once you reach level 26 you will be able to enter in your codes in the Daily Prizes menu. Race is just appearance. It has no statistical effects at all. So just choose which looks cooler to you... Read More >>
Stormthrone Guide BlacksmithDate:Thu Nov 20 23:53:45 2014
Stormthrone Guide Blacksmith
BIGGER sword, TOUGHER armor? ...
Kingdom Rift Guide ZodiacDate:Wed Nov 19 23:10:13 2014
 Kingdom Rift Guide Zodiac
Players can select their Zodiac once they reach a certain level.... Read More >>
Sparta: War of Empires Command Buildings GuideDate:Wed Nov 19 19:49:30 2014
Sparta: War of Empires Command Buildings Guide
Sparta: War of Empires. Below you will find the complete list of Command buildings and their descriptions.... Read More >>
Kingdom Rift Classes GuideDate:Tue Nov 18 00:28:36 2014
Kingdom Rift Classes Guide
Kingdom Rift has three playable classes: Warrior, Hunter, Warlock. Class skill breakdown... Read More >>
What Can You Do When You Reach The Level 20 In ATO ?Date:Mon Nov 17 23:10:36 2014
What Can You Do When You Reach The Level 20 In ATO ?
It is easy and offers good EXP rewards!... Read More >>
What Can You Do When You Play ATO For The First Time?Date:Mon Nov 17 01:37:12 2014
What Can You Do When You Play ATO For The First Time?
here are splendid and high-quality images, leisurely and recreational experience.... Read More >>
Dragon Atlas Guide:Essential Battle Strategy -- The Chain SkillDate:Sun Nov 16 22:50:58 2014
Dragon Atlas Guide:Essential Battle Strategy -- The Chain Skill
Dragon Atlas has created a unique battle system... Read More >>
Kingdom Rift Guide GearDate:Sun Nov 16 22:41:51 2014
Kingdom Rift Guide Gear
Enhancing gear requires Silver and an upgrade item. ... Read More >>
The Interface 0f Throne Of GodDate:Sun Nov 16 22:37:25 2014
The Interface 0f Throne Of God
Diamonds : Recharge to get it. Buy rare items in the shop.... Read More >>
Kingdom Rift Skills GuideDate:Fri Nov 14 00:47:14 2014
Kingdom Rift Skills Guide
As you advance through levels, new skills will become available in Kingdom Rift. Click the skills panel whenever you level up to see which skills you can learn or upgrade... Read More >>
Alfheim Tales Online Guide: PK SystemDate:Sun Nov 09 22:04:36 2014
Alfheim Tales Online Guide: PK System
Duel is one of the most common PK Modes in Alfheim Tales Online.... Read More >>
Stormthrone Guide Aeon WeaponsDate:Thu Oct 23 20:58:13 2014
Stormthrone Guide Aeon Weapons
When the Trium – Beruva, Umbral, and Tem – created Aeos, it was war.... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide Bounty QuestDate:Thu Oct 23 20:45:25 2014
Sword Saga Guide Bounty Quest
Click on the Bounty Quest to open the Bounty Quest pane.... Read More >>
Warlord Saga Guide RankingDate:Mon Oct 20 02:23:23 2014
Warlord Saga Guide Ranking
Individual Rankings:The rankings include the individual class ranking, riches ranking and strength ranking.... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide World BossDate:Sun Oct 19 22:54:11 2014
Sword Saga Guide World Boss
Click the World Boss icon on the top to enter.... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide DracoguisDate:Sun Oct 19 22:51:34 2014
Sword Saga Guide Dracoguis
It costs Starmoon Crystal to upgrade Dracoguis to boost Endurance, Attack, PDEF, MDEF, Crit and Block. ... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide Activities Week OneDate:Thu Oct 16 23:40:55 2014
Sword Saga Guide Activities Week One
Description: During the event, upgrade the coalition to a specified level, the members can receive rewards.... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide PyronaDate:Thu Oct 16 23:28:02 2014
League of Angels Guide Pyrona
Description: Raised in a circus, Pyrona became well steeped in magic and trickery at an early age. Be careful, she likes to play with fire!... Read More >>
Stormthrone Guide MageDate:Wed Oct 15 23:03:41 2014
Stormthrone Guide Mage
As the children of a world forged in war, the heroes of Aeos have always fought with honor, distinction, and strength.... Read More >>
Hero Commander Guide Create a CharacterDate:Wed Oct 15 22:38:16 2014
Hero Commander Guide Create a Character
Creating a character in Hero Commander is very simple; all you have to do is follow these steps:... Read More >>
Stormthrone Guide FeaturesDate:Tue Oct 14 23:24:59 2014
Stormthrone Guide Features
•Choose Your Destiny...
Sword Saga Guide Multi-player DungeonDate:Tue Oct 14 23:16:04 2014
Sword Saga Guide Multi-player Dungeon
Click to open Hall of Heroes pane and search a room to join or create a new room.... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide Solo ArenaDate:Mon Oct 13 23:44:36 2014
Sword Saga Guide Solo Arena
Your own information is on the left. On the right, there are the players for you to challenge and their respective ranking.... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide Solo DungeonDate:Mon Oct 13 23:17:17 2014
Sword Saga Guide Solo Dungeon
Clear Solo Dungeons to receive rewards. The rewards vary with the difficulty level.... Read More >>
Hero Commander Guide SoldiersDate:Mon Oct 13 22:57:13 2014
Hero Commander Guide Soldiers
Soldiers, the tough and tenacious warriors of the troops.... Read More >>
Knight's Fable Guide AgarestDate:Mon Oct 13 22:54:53 2014
Knight's Fable Guide Agarest
Commander in chief of a warrior tribe, this hero has an extremely strong fighting instinct. ... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide MagicianDate:Mon Oct 13 00:10:27 2014
Sword Saga Guide Magician
When in the internal disorder of Kingdom, may priests, nuns and mages who feel pity for Thoma Hord were hurt and escaped to Commonwealth and became Mercenaries. ... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide Tide PoolDate:Sun Oct 12 23:55:31 2014
League of Angels Guide Tide Pool
Tide Pool is one of League of Angel’s many mini-games. ... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide Cross-server Team TournamentDate:Sun Oct 12 23:49:32 2014
League of Angels Guide Cross-server Team Tournament
Team up to take part in the League of Angel's first Cross-server Team Tournament! ... Read More >>
Sword Saga Guide CryptDate:Sat Oct 11 01:08:26 2014
Sword Saga Guide Crypt
The Crypt can be challenged once per day.... Read More >>
Hero Commander Guide DragonsDate:Sat Oct 11 01:03:00 2014
Hero Commander Guide Dragons
Dragons, the most fearful force in the world.... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide New Angel PandoraDate:Fri Oct 10 03:41:24 2014
League of Angels Guide New Angel Pandora
Pandora was the first woman ever created by the Gods. ... Read More >>
Knight's Fable Guide The Hero Intelligence FeatureDate:Fri Oct 10 03:33:11 2014
Knight's Fable Guide The Hero Intelligence Feature
The Hero Intelligence feature opens after lvl. 29 and is another way for players to enhance their Heroes’ Stats. ... Read More >>
Hero Commander System GuideDate:Mon Oct 06 18:10:47 2014
Hero Commander System Guide
As the lord of the city there are many obligation waiting to be dealt with besides warfare. You must listen to the voices of your people and help with their problems... Read More >>
Mythborne Leveling TipsDate:Thu Sep 18 21:18:31 2014
Mythborne Leveling Tips
Leveling Up, Quickly! So you want to level up? There are many methods, but your best bets are to join a guild, make tons of friends and get married! The keys to your success in Mythborne lay below:... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide Fairy SystemDate:Wed Sep 17 23:52:53 2014
League of Angels Guide Fairy System
In Fairy System, players could summon different kinds of fairies, which would keep company with players and bless the team with a bonus buff. ... Read More >>
League of Angels Guide Rose KnightDate:Tue Sep 16 00:26:38 2014
League of Angels Guide Rose Knight
Description: The Rose Knights have sworn to protect the innocent throughout the realm.... Read More >>
Mythborne Guide AstralsDate:Tue Sep 16 00:15:10 2014
Mythborne Guide Astrals
Reach level 29 to unlock Astrals. Click the Astral icon to open up your new Astral system! ... Read More >>
Mythborne Guide The AbyssDate:Sun Sep 14 20:50:56 2014
Mythborne Guide The Abyss
Dive into the depths of the Abyss! Any players level 30 and above can join in this daring adventure for super rewards!... Read More >>
Shikihime Garden Guide ShopDate:Sun Sep 14 19:24:42 2014
Shikihime Garden Guide Shop
At [Shop] section, you can use Silver and Power to buy items.... Read More >>
Grand Epic Online Guide for Various InstancesDate:Mon Jul 04 07:57:02 2011
Grand Epic Online Guide for Various Instances
There are various instances in Grand Epic Online. Have you ever got through all of them? If there is still some instance that is difficult to you, then you can not miss this guide. Thanks to Steven203 who made this guide. Now, let's have a look at it and learn how to get through them easily.... Read More >>
Battle Dawn Guide: Battle Tactics Date:Sun Jul 03 06:27:59 2011
Battle Dawn Guide: Battle Tactics
Battle Dawn is a strategy game, that means the tactics are important in game. Wanna be a victor in the battlefield? If so, then this guide is just the thing for you. ... Read More >>
FAQ of Grand Epic OnlineDate:Thu Jun 30 03:32:27 2011
FAQ of Grand Epic Online
Still have problems in Grand Epic Online? Then this guide is just the thing for you. In this FAQ, we are sure that you can find the answer to your doubt and learn more about the game.... Read More >>
Fantasy of Swords Guide: Evil EliminatingDate:Tue Jun 28 09:36:34 2011
Fantasy of Swords Guide: Evil Eliminating
In Fantasy of Swords, Evil eliminating is a great way for players to earn extra coppers and experience each day by grouping up with friends and killing a few tough monsters, after they have reached level 20.... Read More >>
Grand Epic Online Guide:Auto-fighting SystemDate:Tue Jun 21 03:16:30 2011
Grand Epic Online Guide:Auto-fighting System
In Grand Epic Online, you can enjoy taking adventure as an individual hero in various maps or team up with friends to kill monsters and level up. But how about when you are busy with jobs and study? We provide an auto-fighting system with great functions that allow you to continue the level-up progress...... Read More >>


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