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Basic Info

At XBlaster, the online game, the world as we know it fell into obscurity a long, long time ago. As a mech pilot you fight against violent war robots to amuse the crowds in the arena. Your mech is your weapon, your protection, it is everything. Your mech is a sophisticated and high-tech war robot. Equip it even further with lasers, flamethrowers, impulse weapons and protective shields and make it indestructible.

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    • Action-packed fights with many different sci-fi weapons
    • Free use
    • voluntary payment
    • Thousands of real opponents from all over the world
    • Control the game from the keyboard without download or installation
    • A pure browser-based real-time game
    • Numerous individual weapons and systems
    • Three different mech robots for individual configuration
    Reviews and Guides
    Xblaster Review
    All in all X-Blaster is a game where the core gameplay is well thought of.

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