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Tycoon Online is an online business simulation game. As a player in Tycoon Online, you create a company which can produce, transport, and sell various goods. All players compete against each other, trying to get the highest company value by the end of each 70-day round. Tycoon Online is free to play, but Gold Memberships are also available for US$8 per round.

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    Tycoon Online - The game is based in virtual Sweden. When you start your in-game company, you will choose a city in Sweden as your base of operations. From there, you will build factories, produce goods, sell them on the market or in shops, and transport goods that are bought by other players. There is also a stock market where you can buy shares of other players’ companies, and a bank where you can take out loans or make investments.

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    Tycoon Online Review
    I won't say I am addicted to it, but for some odd reason, I do keep getting dragged back to it, which estentially is what a game should do.

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