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Trukz (pronounced "Trucks") is a free persistent browser-based trucking simulation game designed to let you try your hand at being a truck driver hauling loads to and from various cities around North America, Europe, and Australia. There are over 35 cargo types in the game each with its own driver skill requirements so take the little jobs early on to get started and work your way to become the best driver making the most money in the game.

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    Trukz - Game play is simple but addicting. Real-life driver issues, including fatigue, diesel fuel prices, weather, speeding tickets, and driving overloaded come into play so there is always something that demands your attention. Trukz incorporates realistic climates and weather patterns that make driving in severe weather a challenge. Trukz also offers unique driving opportunities by allowing players to haul cargo to unique locations such as nuclear and hazardous waste to Yucca Mountain Nevada.

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    Nobody can say that Trukz pays no attention to detail because it goes to lengths to make you feel like you're a real trucker with real trucker worries about time, gas and exhaustion.

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