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The Westplay game

Basic Info

The West is a browser game based on the wild west. The West obviously allows you to choose your own character, who can be trained and improve skills. Therefore your character has to work. The map is filled with possible jobs and activities. These can be activated through reaching certain goals within the game.

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    The West - Towns play a central role in The West. Here you can bind with other players and build up a strong, powerful town. Every building you work on gives advantages to you and the other players. You can not join more than one town at a time. With the help of the other members of your town you can construct several different buildings in your town. Just like any other job the construction of buildings needs labor points.

    Reviews and Guides
    The West Review: Sometimes You Get What You Pay For
    The West tries desperately to be the Wild West, but the most it can manage is the Mild West.

    Frequently Asked Question
    When saying about "The West", one of the most famous characteristic is the duels between gunners. Also duels are one of the most important feature in the browser based game The West.


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