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Starwake is a feature rich Space Combat Browser-based MMOG. Starwake features 5 distinct races, each with their own unique combat abilities. Game play is always changing with the addition of new alliances. Outfit your ship with weapons, armor, shields, and upgrades. In Starwake you can strive to become the most powerful fighter, or rule the market. The choice is yours.

    StarWake - Starwake is a Massively Multi player Online Role Playing game where YOU are in control of your destiny. The unique world of Starwake is ever-changing as new Alliances rise up to power. Take control with your own Spaceship where you can choose upgrades from a vast array of components and battle for dominion! Rise to the top of your foes with PVP. Defend your Outpost from raiders, devote your career to a life of strength and power, or join in the ranks of the few that balance the economy of the universe YOU decide. Will you fight for your planet?

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