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Star Gate Wars Logoplay game

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The StarGateWars is a Massively Multiplayer Online Browser-based Role Playing Game. Players can choose one of four races: Tauri (Humans), Tokra, Gouald and Asgard - build armies, recruit friends as officers, buy weapons, use your army and covert and economy to rule all. Help your race rule the universe.

    StarGateWars - Users have the ability to choose one of four starting races from StargateWars(Asgard, Goa'uld, Replicator or Tau'ri). Each race offers different advantages for choosing that race, leading to a different set of strategies and gameplay. The races are all equally playable and able to ascend the ranks - if you use your skills wisely! You can change your race at anytime you want, but it comes at a cost.After ascending players can become a higher race, based on their existing race, with a different set of weaponry, bonuses and abilities.

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    StarGate Wars Guide: First Steps in SGW
    A newbie guide which tells the first steps you should do in StarGate Wars.
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