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Space Invasion Logoplay game

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SpaceInvasion is a strategic space simulation game made by Bigpoint: As Commander, the player fights for dominance of the universe. From an imperial star base, battle squadrons spread out through the vastness of space with the mission to settle new planets and mine their raw ores. The player builds up an industrial infrastructure and constructs weapons factories and strong defensive fortifications to protect his base.

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    Spaceinvasion - SpaceInvasion is a challenging browser game which is equipped with a complex level system, numerous gaming worlds and a multilayered game concept. It's not a casual game which you play now and then, that's for sure. SpaceInvasion presents a world in which you can get involved and which you should visit on a daily basis in order to enjoy every game aspect to the fullest.

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    Do you always heard of raider, trader and turtle?

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