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Become a pirate, ruler of the Seven Seas and hoist yer flag, mate! Seafight is your real-time fantasy adventure: exciting adventures on the high seas with bitter sea battles and the longing for unending freedom, fame and wealth. Wear your scars with pride - they tell of your many glorious battles.

    Seafight - Seafight is the newest, realtime-fantasy game with intelligent level system and individual generated 3D-Maps. You battle against real opponents live. Controlling your ship in realtime and observing your actions in 3D. A variation of characters and many different equipment help you along in a real online-pirate-atmosphere. With Seafight you experience a gripping story in a new streaming-technology. And a fantastic, creative design guarentees gameplay fun!

    Reviews and Guides
    Seafight Review: A Review From a MMO Gamer
    If you love pirate movies and games, and you love MMO games, then this is one you need to check out.
    Seafight Guides: Beginner Tips
    It may be a good idea to sit down and listen to an old pirate's hints.

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