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People around the world are playing music games like Rockband and Guitar Hero, but the price for these music based games can be expensive. Acclaim Games has the answer, "ROCKFREE". Acclaim Games' newest free, browser-based, multiplayer, PC rock game that connects people through music and socialization.

In the game players will be able to create custom rocker avatars, open a rock club and battle against other people around the world. In the end it's all about who rocks, who sucks and more importantly, who gets the coveted title of ROCKER GOD. This early sneak-peak will provide a taste of the music line-up to come, providing three licensed tracks; Iron Man, Fat Lip and Woman. Additionally there are more than 40 new songs being produced for this game.

Acclaim Games and WaveGroup, Warner Music, Sony and EMI have teamed up to do the music for ROCKFREE. WaveGroup, spearheaded by Will Littlejohn who is credited on Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and III, Karaoke Revolution Volumes 1, 2 and 3, and Blade Runner, is a integral part in the production of ROCKFREE'S music.

Main entry screen is your Hub. From here you can go the all the key places in the current build:
- Changing Room
- Rocker Battle
- Leaderboards
- Practice

RockFree Screenshots 2
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Inside a club
Inside a club. If you have joined a club, you have the following options:
- Select "Ready" to inform the club host you're all set to play
- Walk around the back stage area
- Perform emotes (Wave is the only one for now)
- Chat with others in the room
- Designate someone as a buddy
- Select to ignore/unignore someone
- Leave the chat room

RockFree Screenshots 6
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Inside a club. If you create the club, you're the club host which means you can do the following:
- Pick a song
- Pick a difficulty level to play the song at
- Invite people to your club (up to 7 others)
- Kick people from your club
- Designate other people as the new club host (turning over your control to them)
- Determine when to start the game (provided everyone else is loaded)

Playing a song
- Use the 1,2,3,4,5 keys to specify which string you're about to strum
- Use the left or right arrows to strum
- Use the spacebar or up arrow to activate Fan Power
- Use the down arrow to activate the whammy bar

RockFree Screenshots 7
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Results Screens
- See how you did against the others that played
- See how much experience you earned from playing, including the Club Boost earned from those you played with
- Return to the club you came from

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