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In RockFREE, players will be able to create custom rocker avatars, open a rock club and battle against other people around the world. In the end it's all about who rocks, who sucks and more importantly, who gets the coveted title of ROCKER GOD.

    RockFREE - Acclaim Games and WaveGroup, Warner Music, Sony and EMI have teamed up to do the music for ROCKFREE. WaveGroup, spearheaded by Will Littlejohn who is credited on Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and III, Karaoke Revolution Volumes 1, 2 and 3, and Blade Runner, is a integral part in the production of ROCKFREE'S music...

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    RockFREE Reveiw
    "ROCKFREE", Acclaim Games' newest free, browser-based, multiplayer, PC rock game that connects people through music and socialization.

    RockFREE Guide: Playing RockFREE With a Guitar Hero Guitar!
    "Could I use my Guitar Hero guitar in RockFREE? " or "Could I use my PS2 controller in RockFREE?" you may ask. The answer is: yes.

    RockFREE Trailer

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