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    Pirate Galaxy is a space combat game set in the distant future. Board your starship and join thousands of other players as you fight to break free from the tyranny of ruthless alien oppressors. The actionpacked 3D dogfights on exotic planets provide breathtaking excitement, while the easy to learn controls keep the game fun and accessible.

    CUSTOMIZABLE STARSHIPS that you can equip and modify to your individual taste.
    You start with a modestly equipped spaceship, fighting to collect valuable crystals that you can use to upgrade, repair and customize your ship. Explore far away worlds as your ship becomes more robust and powerful. While the game is completely free to play, certain upgrades to your ship can be voluntarily purchased through the game's integrated shop system.

    Instant Action
    Pirate Galaxy is based on Splitscreen's revolutionary technology platform and guarantees an "instant action" experience. The game can be played directly from a web-browser; no software download or installation is required. The swift registration process, streamlined interface and seamlessly integrated turorial ensure that the game appeals to beginners and experienced gamers alike.

    AWESOME 3D GRAPHICS with high definition landscapes and stunning visual effects.
    Pirate Galaxy features breakthrough 3D graphics with astonishing visual effects that push the envelope in the browser-based games segment. The advanced DirectX-based rendering engine supports all common graphics cards, dynamically adapting the graphical level of detail to the capacities of the computer that the game runs on. This ensures an optimal playing experience even on less powerful PCs.

    VAST GAME UNIVERSE with hundreds of stars and planets to explore.


    - Create your individual pilot profile.
    - Customize and upgrade your ship.
    - Explore the galaxy and travel to distant planets.
    - Unravel the secrets of ancient alien civilizations.
    - Fight and destroy your enemies wherever you find them.
    - Team up with other players from around the globe.
    - Challenge other players into duels and show off your trophies.
    - Participate in tournaments and win cash prizes.

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