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Pardus is a free graphic-based Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game (MMOBG) playing in a futuristic universe where traders, pirates and other pilots of various races and factions strive to gain wealth and fame in space. Playable with all common web browsers - No downloads or plug-ins required!

    Pardus - Located in a technologically advanced but war-torn universe, you are an adventurer who roams through a multitude of diverse galaxies in your spacecraft while striving to obtain wealth and power - as are many others.

    Reviews and Guides

    Pardus: User Review
    Look at what players said about it. Find if Pardus is suit for you.

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    Pardus Guides: The Newbie's Guide to the Pardus Galaxy
    If you wish to start your career in Pardus, it will be a good idea to bring a Bard of Prey's newbie guide to the Pardus Galaxy with you. You will find the help file on the official site.


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