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Online Football Manager( OFM ) is an online Internet management game in which you virtually manage and control your favourite football team. Not just against computer-controlled opponents, but against friends, family, or other players from all over the world! You can log in for a few minutes on a daily basis to prepare your squad for the next match. The matches will then be simulated by the match engine, which creates a virtual world in which the football matches are played. This method makes OFM one of the most realistic online football managers ever created!

Your goal is to get the best possible results out of your team and prove yourself to be a better and more efficient manager than the other online managers, by winning a championship or accomplishing a certain goal preset by your team's board of directors.


Manager an Actual Team

Ever dreamed of managing your home club or maybe one of Europe’s Giants? Well, on OFM, you can become the gaffer of Scunthorpe United or Manchester United, AC Milan or AC Cesena. The teams and leagues are many and hail from far and wide. Take the helm of your favorite team from England to Spain, Peru to Argentina, Russia or Japan. Unlike some manager simulation games online, the squad lists are always being updated with the team’s actual players. So, instead of managing an Arsenal squad with first-teamers with names like Tony Smith and John Wright, you can choose to play Robin Van Persie up front with Adebayor.

Easy to Learn
After you have signed up with your team, you will arrive at your Control Centre. Here you can view information about the ranking of your team, the league you are playing in, your next opponent, your financial balance, and much more. As brand new manager, you should follow the checklist on the right hand of your Control Centre. With this list, you will learn most of the things you need to do as a manager in OFM. And the predigested Player Attributes and Team Tactics make this easier, too.

Your Squad

The manager starts with the squad of an existing football league team. Important details about the players are revealed here so the manager can make his decisions, such as the quality (attacking, defending and overall skill) and the current morale and fitness.

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Formation and Line-up
Making the line-up is one of the key elements in being a football manager. Every day, the manager can make his line-up for the next match and determine the tactics. He can make an analysis of his opponent by sending a spy and try to anticipate his tactical decisions. As you can see it is very easy and straightforward to create a line-up.


Advanced Tactics
The manager has a full set of tactical options at his disposal. All settings are recognizable for soccer enthusiasts.
For example: Style of Play, Overall Tactics, Mentality, Tempo, Pressing, Defensive tactics and offside traps.
The next day, the manager can view the results of his match on a live scoreboard and he gets a report of the events that happened in the match. For example who scored the goals and how the players performed. There are also more detailed statistics about possession and accuracy.

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In OFM the manager even has control over stadium expansion. To make the game fast and fun to play, most upgrades can be completed in a few rounds making several upgrades per season possible. Each team has a suitable stadium size, because there are ten different stadium levels.

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Even More Control
In OFM the manager can do more than just basic tactics to outsmart his opponents like choosing the right specialists, go on a secret training or a popular option is to use a training camp. This option can be used a few times each season to make the team perform better.

The performance of the managers with his team is measured at the end of each season by rewarding manager points. There are rankings available in the game of the best manager of all time and in a certain period of time.

Managers will try to compete with each other to see who is the better manager. Their performance is displayed
in the manager rankings. A high ranking is treasured by the manager and this is important: he needs to keep playing to retain his manager ranking.

One season game
All teams will be reset and your results will be added to your manager profile at the end of a season. After this, your contract will expire and you will be able to select another club to manage in the next season. The reset enables you to begin each season with the full squad of original players. All the players that are part of your chosen team in real life and their qualities will be available to you.

At the end, for a new player, don't forget to have a look at the official guide. It's suit for players to understand this game. Also, you have to check the newspaper. It's useful and funny.

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