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Nodiatis is not just another RPG! Enter a world where monsters roam the plains and elite bosses tear into unsuspecting players. The only safe harbors are the towns scattered throughout the world. An epic adventure awaits any who dare venture into the unknown world of Nodiatis.

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    Nodiatis - Nodiatis has an awesomely deep character customization system that combines skill based, level based, and passive advancement into one system. Nodiatis promises a world of unparalleled adventure and excitement for those who enjoy complex and strategic character development as well as the thrill of actually being able to test your character's power relative to the thousands of others who play alongside you ...

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    Review of Nodiatis

    Nodiatis is the second MMORPG developed by Glitchless LLC. This review explains Nodiatis is a game that somewhat hard to get into as a casual player, but much more forgiving than Race War Kingdoms.

    Nodiatis Leveling Up Walkthrough
    The purpose for this guide is to give new players an **Optional** way to equip themselves and level up without dying or going broke.

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