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NationStates2 is an intuitive but very complex game. Can you govern your nation through the various economic, political and diplomatic challenges that your growing population will create? And what about international relations with other nations in the world? Take 2 minutes to create your nation and see how it will evolve and what sort of political leader you'll become!

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    NationStates2 - It's like real life, only you're the leader of a glorious, shining nation of people who share your political ideals. And the world is full of other nations who are glorious and shining just like you, or else morally bankrupt tyrants who are nothing like you and must be stopped before their evil ideologies pollute the world.
    You create a nation, customize it, and steer it through the treacherous waters of internal politics and international diplomacy ...

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    The game is easy to pick up and will definitely provide an enjoyable game experience.
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