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Moondo logoplay game

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Moondo, an online universe of multiplayer action games, played in gorgeous high definition on the browser. Players around the world are invited to create their character and start developing their skills in this colourful, fast paced, cross-gaming world – where the awards you earn in one game, go with you to the next game. Moondo currently offers four games: Shooting, Racing, Tactics and Sports, all taking place on a youthful and colourful futuristic moon.

    Create your own Moondo character and customize it as you see fit. Your character will persist across all Moondo games, grow in power and gain cool items on his or her way to become champion of the Moondo cross-gaming universe. The more time gamers spend playing Moondo games, the more cross-game items they can earn, which improve their character's stats (i.e. speed and power) across all games in the world ...

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