Mixm8 is a music and event based virtual world coming soon. You will be able to follow your favourite music artists (any genre, looks a little Dance Music at the moment, but this will change as we get more music genres involved) and bands, dress up (anything goes!), make friends, make enemies, flirt, dance and have a laugh all inside a virtual club or event space.

    Pre-Launch Video of Mixm8

    Mixm8 is a on-line virtual world currently in development but it has launched the microsite which if done well will get you interested in mixm8 early on and help the developer build something you might want to spend time in. Eventually mixm8 will add a extra, fun dimension to socializing around music; you’ll be able to hang about in a club or event area, chat and flirt and fall out with people in really cool 3d clubs and get dressed up to impress, cross dress or look really stupid if you want.

    In the new on-line virtual world you’ll be able to have your own venue, private or public, try and get your own club or night going if you think you can get people to come and maybe one day you’ll have a Super Club! Sell your artwork, collect music, trade music, follow your fav bands and have a good time.

    Mixm8 Screenshot
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    Xpressbeats and CD Pool will be the first super club and the developer will be doing festivals for War Child as well as building Ninja Tunes a club of their own for starters so keep coming back as we’re going to be adding new features and changes every 2 - 4 weeks depending on how much we get done, but hopefully you’ll be shouting “Lets Party!” via your text chat editor soonish.

    Your music life may have only previously consisted of a personal MP3 player, now you have the chance to become a part of your favourite bands/artists lives in on-line virtual world built just for you! Take on the role of an event organiser, bouncer (deny entry for no good reason, take bribes to let other in), or bar tender etc…. partying through the night with no complaints from the neighbours!

    Telling everything now would not leave much to surprise so you’ll just have to wait to see what else is in store for Mixm8!

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