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Mixm8 is a music and event based virtual world coming soon. You will be able to follow your favourite music artists (any genre, looks a little Dance Music at the moment, but this will change as we get more music genres involved) and bands, dress up (anything goes!), make friends, make enemies, flirt, dance and have a laugh all inside a virtual club or event space.

    Mixm8 - The virtual world is not yet launched, but it has released a website. This is because they believe in building a community, YOUR community. And they want you to be involved right from the beginning. Mixm8 is for 16 years +, so there will most likely be things in mixm8 and on this microsite that might be very naughty! So content won’t be suitable for youngsters. There might be swearing, talk about sex (heaven forbid), clubbing, having fun nights out and maybe drugs. Main thing is though mixm8 is about enjoying music, enjoying socialising and meeting new people with similar musical interests or just annoying people with different musical interests.

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