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Lords of Evil logoplay game

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Lords of Evil is a free strategy browser game with a theme of magic and warlike, featuring unqiue guild and battle system . Players can may found or join a guild. Different guilds may vie with each other for resources of mineral products - the winner will obtain abundant treasures and build his empire.

    Lords of Evil does not require high end or expensive hardware, better yet it does not even require tedious download which occupies your hard drive spaces. All you need are just a fair computer and Internet access. You are invited to take this astounding journey to strategically build your own territory. Within this game, you could be whoever you want to be and pass on the legend of your own...

    Reviews and Guides
    Lord of the Evil Review
    This Review is reproduced form Onrpg, which was written by the Onrpg Writer Rick Charbs. During this review, the author will share the personal experiences playing this game with you ...

    Lords of Evil Guide: Advice From Flamezarc's Experience
    This Guide was quoted from LOE Official Forum. It offers the new players lots of good advice relative to the gaming experience of a top player named flamezarc ...

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