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Game Objective:

The objective of the game in terms of physical activity is to turn a rookie boxer into one lean, mean fighting machine. In level 1, users receive a rookie boxer known as Baby face who they’ll have to train to reach level 9 (Title contender) using their management skills, game upgrades and many, many boxing matches. As a title contender, the boxer will receive the chance to challenge the current world champion to a brawl in the ring in one of the qualification matches for the world cup which take place every 2 weeks.

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To put their boxer on the right track, users will have to upgrade the game in the best way possible for their boxer.

The boxer hones his boxing skills in the gym to learn the right offensive and defensive moves for fights and to improve his overall physical condition (resistance level).

Arena: The size of the arena plays a decisive role in how many spectators can fit into an arena to watch a boxing match. The larger the arena, the more seats there will be for spectators, meaning users can make a larger amount of revenues with their boxer’s fights.

Press agency: A boxer’s popularity is just as important as the number of spectators who come to the arena to watch a fight. The level of the boxer’s popularity will increase every time the press agency is upgraded.


Boxers win ranking points by winning ranking fights. Depending on the number of wins a boxer has, the number of points will increase and so will the level and rank of the boxer.

In order to box in the ring, the user has to answer “yes” to the question “Are you read to get your dukes up?” A player can do this after logging in when they see that question appear in a pop-up window, or they can activate it by going to the homepage to the section entitled “Ready to get your dukes up?”

Only boxers who are ready to fight will receive challenges from other boxers to fight and can challenge other boxers to a brawl in the ring.

To see current challenges from opponents, users can click on the button “Ranking fights” on the homepage, or they can click on FIGHTS in the navigation bar at the top and they’ll be brought to the fight page where they’ll see the button “Fight now” in order to be assigned a boxing opponent.

As soon as the boxers have been chosen, both boxers have 3 hours to get ready for the fight by setting up their strategy for the boxing match. Each boxer is allowed 7 punches and 7 blocks per round. Each user has been given a certain value of OPR and DPR by the game’s system which they’ll have to observe when setting up the fight. Users aren’t allowed to exceed these values.

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Moves Available in Fights:

Offensive moves

Punches: A boxer wins a match by using his punches and blocks in an effective and skilled manner. Punches differ in the amount of energy a boxer has to muster up in order to use a certain punch. The effect, or possible damage caused to an opponent, is also important for punches – this measures the amount of damage the punch should cause when a boxer hits his opponent.
Power punch: The power punch is not a punch in your typical sense, but it is a special type of follow-up punch which makes normal punches much more effective when a boxer hits his opponent dead on.

Defensive moves

Defensive moves are used to block punches from opposing boxers. On the one hand, defensive moves differ in terms of the energy used, and on the other hand, they also differ according to the punches they block.

Match Options:

Before getting ready for the first round of a fight, users can select a few options for the next fight to send their boxer into the ring with more strength. Following options are available:

The cutman: Depending on the cutman selected, a boxer can recover up to 3 times after being knocked down in a round where the value of RLR (resistance level per round) drops below zero.

The trainer: Depending on the trainer (or the manager of the boxer who stands at the side of the ring), the total RLR value increases by 10, 20 or 30 points.

Personal anthem: Depending on the personal anthem selected by a user, the TRL of a boxer will increase by 10, 20 or 30 points per round. This means that for a boxing match which lasts only 1 round, the TRL value could increase to a maximum value of 30; for a fight which lasts 10 rounds, this could increase to a value of 300.


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