Khan Wars is an online stategy, that can be played from any computer with just a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. We entroduce you the Middle Ages of Europe, where you choose one of the 7 nations to develop and lead the way to victory. The game offers many different strategies to reach the goal of winning over the thousends of other players.

    Seven nations, each with a unique special unit, 23 battle units with different factors, 15 buildings, 11 skills for your hero, internal world market, clan-organized playground as well as many other gameplay elements, will make sure to enjoy the many hours spent player Lordwars.

    Build strong unions, divide and conqueror your enemies, make a couple of pilitical marriages with your strategic partners, organize internal hierarhy by using ranks it your clan, coordinate your actions with the actions of the rest of your allies and conduct cutthroat battles.

    Try different strategies, dip into the virtual world of the game and find many new friends from all over the world. Show them who deserves to lead Europe!

    Thanks to out experiance as players, as well as creators of this kind of games, we created the ballanced world of Lordwars. Our developers this the best they can so the game can live on your screen.

    The proffesional design of the game will make sure to take you in unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Out painters did so, that every character in the game has its pretty and original look.

    Battle system

    The Battles
    The attacker first fights the defender alone and if he defeats him then he fight the reinforcements and if he defeats them also then he will steal resources. In case of a draw the attacker also steals resources.

    All units have the following characteristics:
    power against buildings( only the wall is qualified as a building, destroying levels of other buildings is not calculated as power against building but as a chance in the beginning of every battle)
    -power against cavalry
    -power against infantry
    -power against archers
    -power against siege artillery
    The new characteristics of the units you can find here on The new range of every unit has been given (usually increased).

    The Wall
    The Wall in Worlds 1, 3, 4 is different from the Wall in World 2. Because of its great strength, attacker's units do not divide in battle, when there's still a Wall. When it gets destroyed, everything goes normal and units divide in groups.

    How does the Wall takes part in battles?
    Their is one example - if the wall has 5000 life and you don't have a group of units that makes so much damage, the damage done by your troops (for example 1500 from crossbow archers + 500 damage from shortbow archers = 2000 damage) is reduced from the Wall's life points and the Wall begins the next round with 3000 life. This means the Wall will continue making damage until it's destroyed, but also smaller armies now have a bigger chance of destroying the wall, which will make battles in the beginning more suitable for new players.

    Attack Formation
    Attack formation- one of the new options of the game. Every unit had a strictly defined place on the battle field whilst. We were able to give you the opportunity to choose that yourself from the menu “attack formation”. That’s the order of your units even if you’re offline. The order that you put them in will be the one in who they face the opponent. To make it clear we’ve applied this chart: to move a unit just select it and with the buttons below move it to the place you’d like it to take. Every player can define and store 10 types of army order (for example - attacking, defensive etc.). After that you can chose formation and reorder army with one click of the mouse.

    Order of Attacking
    The units are made to attack at the same time, well not exactly in the same time but in categories. The system is not difficult. Units attack in the following order:
    Siege artillery
    Archers and walls
    In other word, if you have siege artillery it will hit the wall before it has tried to attack any other unit in your army.

    There is although a catch- If you place some of your units out of the range of the enemy’s(usually wall) and you loose your front line in the round, your other lines move one line ahead and will enter you enemy’s range.

    The archers in battle – how accurate are they and what is the recoil?
    The more archers you have, the better the chance of them regrouping and hitting multiple targets. This applies for all the units in the game- if you have more units of one type they tend more and more to divide into small group and attack different parts of the enemy. The only unit that doesn’t divide in groups is the wall. The wall hits an exact unit of the army chosen randomly in the beginning from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd line. Back to the archers- to make it clear what exactly happens we apply this chart:

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