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Ikariam is an online real-time strategy game where you have to manage your resources to extend your imperium from a small settlement in a forsaken island to a complex network of cities and colonies. Its theme is based around the Mediterranean coast that saw many civilizations come and go, trade and fight. Keeping this very spirit, Ikariam is bases around two concepts: trade and fight your neighbors to get the desires and rare resources that your cities need to keep expanding.

    The sound of the sea, a white sandy beach and sun! On a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, an ancient civilization arises. Under your leadership an era of wealth and discovery begins. Welcome to Ikariam...

    Reviews and Guides
    Ikariam Review
    The author wrote down his feeling in the first days of this great game. Ikariam is one of the most successful browser games in 2008.

    Ikariam Town Defence Guide
    Having defense in your town is the one thing stopping other players marching in and emptying your warehouse while your away. It may seem rather simple to some people but there are a lot active players with no defense.


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