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Human age is a simulation game / free virtual management game / rpg where you adopt a human being and help him or her through various ages of mankind, from prehistory to the 21st century, from learning how to use a club to your driver's license.

    The aim of Human Age is to make your character evolve throughout the ages of mankind. To do so, you must take care of him or her, and earn money so he or she can gain capabilities, and build a nice house. To get you started, you get 200 kneecaps, which is the currency for the first level. With the cash in your pocket, you can hunt, work or bet with other players to earn more money, and buy luxury items...

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    Human-age Guide: How to Start off

    Your main goal is to earn money, what we call in Age 1 "kneecaps" so you have enough to live off. To earn money, you have different possibilities. The easiest and most important is to work. To find a job, click on the "JOB" link on the left of your screen and choose a job.

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