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Gilfor's Tales is a tactical-RPG game set in a fantasy world, full of sinister enemies, dangerous quests and thrilling adventures. Players choose their team, made of up to four characters, and embark on a journey through the world. Teams of adventurers compete in arena matches to determine which team is stronger, or which player has more skill in leading his team to victory. Gilfor's Tales is a fully free to play, allowing everyone to experience the story.

    The game is a tactical-RPG, meaning that you have to make tactical choices to succeed. You lead a team of up to four characters, which you can choose from 7 different character classes. The gameplay is divided into two sections - the Tavern area, where you manage your team, level up ,buy equipment, buffs and spells, and the Quest area, where you fight various monsters and perform other tasks to help the ones in need...

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