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Fearless Battle is a warfare game that does not require a download to play. Cash Prizes for top players and generous turn rewards for various accomplishments.

    Fearless Battle - Warfare never has been, and never will be a pretty thing. Combat is the drudgery of cultural conflict that claims so many lives and families. Innocent civilians are slaughtered, and leaders commit horrific war crimes, while objectives and missions blur the lines of decent humanity. Politics turn from back room negotiations to battlefield application. But we have an opportunity for you. We have cleared out all civilians. Morality is no longer a factor, as there is an arena for warriors and warriors only. The fights are fair, the battlefield awaits, and you have only your adversaries to face. Prepare yourself, because this is no place for the meek. By simply stepping into the arena you agree to follow the rules, risk getting beat into dust, or knock the will to fight out of your enemies. This is combat at it's purest, this is Fearless Battle.

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