Evony , a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS), is the first choice of most browser gamers. Evony is distinct from other games of its kind by its well-built quest system and emphasis on tactics. Players complete quests, and deploy his troops based on his own manipulation. This article is written aiming to help new players to get familiar with Evony and run the game smoothly.

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    New players should follow the Routine Quest in the ascending sequence. Most rookie players finish the quests by skipping from one quest to the other, which consume most of his resources and disable them to finish other easy quests with consistency. Time spent on waiting is killing, isn't it? So try to stick to the Routine Quest in order, but if you have extra resource to clear the other quests, then finish them.

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    Here are some should-know stuff of Evony. Spend a few minutes on them before you start the game.

    1. Every player enjoys a 7-day Beginner’s Protection. During this period, players are free from worry of being attacked. Of course, attacking others is disallowed meanwhile. One thing worth mentioning is if a player upgrade his Town Hall to level 5 in this period, the Beginner's Protection will expire automatically.

    2. How to build a new city? First your title must reach Knight. The higher your title the more cities you can reign. You need medals to promote your title, and by attacking valleys you can acquire them. Secondly you need 250 Workers together with 10,000 of each resource including gold. Then click the preoccupied Flat on the map you can’t miss the Build City button. Click it and have a cup of coffee, and you new city will come into being in 15 minutes.

    3. How to erect a building? First click one building site or resource field, then select the building you desire in the popup box.

    4. How to upgrade a building? First click a building you want to upgrade, and then hit the button Upgrade.

    5. For the quest Administration. All the administrative operation of your city can be found in your Town Hall.

    6. How to finish quests? First click the icon Quest at the lower left corner to open up the quest box, and then finish the quests with the quest guide.


    1. If you see a green hook following the main quest caption that means one or more sub-quests of this main quest are finished. You can get the awards then.
    2. If you confuse how to finish the quest, please check the Quest Guide. If you confuse with the Quest Guide, try to reach other players or our customer support for help. lol


    7. How to gain more gold? To enhance the gold revenue, you can build more cottages and adjust the tax rate a little high. Please be aware that high tax rate will lead to decline of population

    8. developing more resource field, appointing a hero with high attribute points of Intelligence as Castellan and seizing valleys (grassland, lake, forest etc) around your city, all these aspects are beneficial to you resource production. P.S. In order to hire heroes, you must build Inn and Feasting Hall.

    9. To train your troops , you must have Barracks. The more advanced the troops are, the more they cost to be trained.

    10. Resources will still growing even when you log out.

    11. Please be aware that if there is no vacancy in your Feasting Hall, hero form other city cannot be sent to your city.


    1. Please keep food production, tax revenue and loyalty afloat, or something bad like riot may happen.


    12. Troops reinforce outside your city consume more food.

    All in all, the best way to run the game in initial phase is to follow the quest. This is why this quest system comes into existence.

    As a new player, other players may seem to you to be more advanced and much stronger, and you may feel that there is too much challenge. You can find more information here.

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