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Evony, a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS) developed by Regan Mercantile LLC. Evony is distinct from other games of its kind by its well-built quest system and emphasis on tactics. Players complete quests, and deploy his troops based on his own manipulation. Evony has recently moved to a new server, although still officially in beta.

    Evony is a increasingly popular massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) available for free. The game looks a great deal like Age of Empires II with a little live-action Settlers of Catan thrown in for good measure. The object of Evony is to build up the civilization in your town so that you can invade other towns and grow your empire.

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    Evony Review
    So I have been playing a bit of this new game, Evony, over the past few games. Evony is ...

    Evony Tip and Walkthrough
    It provides some tips and a video walkthrough to the players. By reading this article, maybe players can understand more about this game.


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