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Dugout-Online is a football management game where you take charge of a small and unknown club. Your goal is to bring that club to the top and win the World champions' cup! It won't be easy though, and you'll have to use your management, trading and tactical skills to the best of your ability if you want to stand a chance amongst thousands of other managers from all over the world.

    Dugout-Online - Dugout-Online is actually never-ending, so all the data is passed from the season to the season. If, for example, you win a title in some lower division, your club gets promoted to a higher one, if you win a cup then you'll be defending the title next season and so on. Dugout-Online now caters for over 54 countries, with each country being split up into its own league system. There are also International Competitions such as the Champions Cup, Challenge Cup and International Youth Cup. These tournaments pit the best clubs of each country against each other for the ultimate goal.

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