Cyberdunk is a ultimate Basketball PBBG. Coach a basketball player or a manage a basketball team. Win trophies, appoint trainers, buy signature gear, rig games and much more. The game is primarily browser based so you can play it from virtually any computer with a reasonable fast Internet connection.

    The Offical site allows you a wide variety of actions that you can perform, such as coaching your own player, or even your own team. You can log into your own personal account, where you will be provided an account control panel. This is where you can create a new player. Once you have a new player, you can perform a whole lot of actions with him by going into your player’s “crib”. From there you can get him started on training, joining a league, or have him outfitted with sports equipment. When you have set up your player, you can then join the games that are played every night at midnight GMT +05:00. There is a timer on the site that shows you exactly when the games start so you don’t miss out on the action.

    When you have played enough games with your player, you may want to think about managing your own team. To do this you will have to earn or purchase Cyberpoints, which you can also do from the Offical site.

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    • Free
    • No Download (Browser Based)
    • Geared towards Adults, Teens, Kids (in that order)

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    Manage A Player

    • Train Your Player
    • You choose how and what he plays !
    • Get him the best contracts and the best gear !
    • Win awards, trophies, become world famous and have human managers fight over you !
    • Break World Records and inspire rookies

    Cyberdunk Screenshot
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    Manage A Team

    • Win divisions, domestic or international Cups
    • Hire\sack your friends ! Give bonuses, penalties, buy human players
    • Choose what and how your team plays !
    • Improve your stadium and facilities. Make your team the "Los Angeles Lakers" of the rookies.
    • Rig Games ? Side deals ? Its possible ! Cyberdunk !
    • Biggest Basketball Manager
    • Game Has Been Played Everywhere Save The Moon

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