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    The Different Worlds
    The game consists of different worlds. When each CMO world starts, it mirrors the real world in the way it looks at that time. This means that all the players in the teams that make up the CMO world play for the same teams that they do in the real world, and that they have the same ages and stats, etc. Once the CMO world has started, it will be modified by all the playing managers, so the CMO world will not necessarily resemble the real world for long.

    CM-Online – Manager Career
    One of your goals as manager is to do so well that you earn a promotion and thus can take on greater challenges. Your manager level depends on your experience and how well you perform depending on the ground value of your team.

    Looking for Jobs and Changing Clubs
    Sometimes a manager wants to find new challenges and look for work in a new club. All administration of different accounts and job applications is done from the Account Overview part of the game. This is the first page you are taken after the log in page.

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    The Team
    A team consists of a squad of players. When a world starts, every team has the same player squad as it does in reality. Apart from the individual skills of all the players in the team, every team has some hidden values that will change depending on how the team is managed. For example, cooperation between players may vary depending on the manager’s tendency to buy and sell players.

    At the start of a world, all players in the game inherit their present skills, positions and teams from real life. Once a world has started, a player’s skills can change depending on how you coach and train the team. If a player is injured in real life it does not necessarily mean that he is injured in CMO, although injuries are part of the game.

    In Championship Manager Online, the team can do a number of extra training sessions in addition to the normal basic training each day. The basic training happens automatically, and if your players are well, they will participate. As manager, you decide how many extra training sessions the players should do, and what they should train. You may plan your training way ahead of time. On the days that the team has a match, no extra training will be carried out for players who participate in the match, apart for the training that the match itself brings about.

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    Roughly two league matches are played every week of the season. In-between those matches there can be friendlies, cup matches or practice sessions. Make sure you check your calendar frequently so that you can prepare for each match. You will not receive manager points for matches that you have not setup yourself.

    Every team has income and costs. It is important to have a good financial status to be able to buy new players, and in general, the club should not be losing money. If the financial results are bad, the board of directors will be unhappy with the manager, and he or she might risk losing their job.

    Every team plays in a league. The teams play each of the other teams in the league twice; once at home and once away. The dates of all matches can be found in your calendar.

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    The teams in each country can participate in different cups, national as well as international (European). Which cup a club plays in depends on how successful the club and its manager were last season.

    In order to build a strong team over time, you need to be familiar with the transfer market. Buying and selling players is a crucial part of any manager’s success. You will find that human managers are often a bit reluctant to let their superstars go, but that they might find swap deals well worth their while. Always remember that being nice and polite gives you an advantage over someone who isn’t!

    As a new player, other players may seem to you to be more advanced and much stronger, and you may feel that there is too much challenge. You can find more information here.

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