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BiteFight is an browser based MMO about a war between werewolves and vampires. In a dismal time full of legends there is an everlasting fight: vampires and werewolves fight for the supremacy in the shadows. Once bitten, BiteFight, one of the most successful browser games by Gameforge, will not let go of the player anymore. Be it on the search for fresh blood or in the fight against innumerable adversaries. Every day, hundreds of thousands of dark creatures go on a hunt - whether with claws and teeth or shiny weapons.

    The player starts playing the game by one of two ways. One by being 'bitten' by clicking on a link that a friend who plays the game has supplied them, or the second by visiting the site without being bitten previously. During the registration process, the player may choose between the two races; or if 'bitten', they must become the race of the player that 'bit' them...

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    Bitefight Guide: Tutorial for Clans
    This Tutorial is reproduced from BiteFight Official Forum, which was written by dime.


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