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Battlefield Heroes is the first Play 4 Free game from EA. Create, customize and level up your own unique war hero, then take them into battle against other players of your skill level. Use your special abilities to destroy the enemy, or support your friends.

    Battlefield Heroes - Battlefield Heroes is a free, cartoon-styled online shooter based on the “Battlefield” series of games. Currently, the game departs from the “Battlefield” series in that it is played with a third-person camera, but in time EA DICE may add the option of first-person if players ask for it enough. The game features two factions to choose from (National Army and Royal Army), and each has three classes: Commando (stealth and sniping), Soldier (jack of all trades), and Gunner (heavy gun specialist).

    Reviews and Guides
    Battlefield Heroes Review: Graphics, Gameplay, Control
    Battlefield Heroes is an awesome game to play and is free of charge. The game is very entertaining to play for the first couple days/weeks but after awhile the gameplay can get pretty dull.

    Battlefield Heroes: The Newcomer Guide
    This guide is originally from Battlefield Heroes Official Site, which was posted by U-238. Through this guide, maybe you can learn more about Battlefield Heroes. Both Newcomers and Veterans alike are welcome to brush up on their Battlefield basics. This guide is sure to help you on your way to becoming a true Battlefield Hero.


    Battlefield Heroes Beta Gameplay

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