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BattleEdge II is a Multiplayer Online RPG with real time turn based battles where you actually control your actions. Grow in levels, buy or find items, kill creatures and thieves or your friends to steal their loot. Learn magic or combat masteries to improve your skill.

    Battle EdgeII is fast and simple to use but difficult to master. Simplicity in it's battle structure is what gets and keeps players hooked for hours on end. Depending on the battle outcome you can gain gold to buy items, gain experience to make your character grow and become stronger or you can lose and leave with nothing. In a rare chance there can be a tie where both teams/fighters kill each other at the same time where both players will receive just a little gold after the battle.

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    Battle Edge II Review: A Live PVP RPG Masterpiece
    The game is a blast! BattleEdge II took all the concepts of the beloved original and built upon them making a live player verses player RPG masterpiece...
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