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    Basketsim in an online web browser game where you get an opportunity to lead your very own basketball team. Upon registration you get control over all the aspects of virtual basketball club. Basketsim is continously improved game and a dynamic environment where there are tons of different options - to run your team in a very own way, to interact with other managers, to make unique decisions or to go for a quest of finding the best solutions and lead your team to trophies and eternal glory! You can login to Basketsim at any time to check how your team is doing, how players are progressing or simply just to check what other human managers have to say. This game is free of charge and has very clean interface and some unique features. There are many ways to get new players into the team. Matches are played twice per week and you are able to watch them live in multiview!

    Basketsim season is divided in two parts. In first part of the season there are two league matches per week. It's a tough part of the season when things are happening fast but only few crucial decision are taken yet. Strong bench and good tiredness control can prove as crucial in this part of the season. After Basketsim draft, national cups start in Basketsim. This is the second part of the season and only one league per match is played then, but matches become more and more important. If you are not playing in cup or if you are eliminated you still have an opportunity to arrange friendly matches, get some money from attendance and perfectionize your training.

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