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Basketsim is neverending basketball challenge involving 19 different countries from all around the world. You get your own basketball club t the start with 12 local players and you get to train them from boys to superstars. You can compete in national cup and championship, play matches against live opponents, give your team tactical orders, take part in basketsim draft. Your decisions brings you success or failure. Whatever it is, you can share your experience with users from all around the world.

    Basketsim - Basketsim is continously improved game and a dynamic environment where there are tons of different options - to run your team in a very own way, to interact with other managers, to make unique decisions or to go for a quest of finding the best solutions and lead your team to trophies and eternal glory! You can login to Basketsim at any time to check how your team is doing, how players are progressing or simply just to check what other human managers have to say.

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