Banish Land is a free massively multiplayer browser based strategy game. Set in an aggressive and dangerous medieval world where warlords struggle for supremacy in a chaotic land of warlord and demons - Banish Land. You are the lord of a city, born from a village. To forge order out of chaos and become the conqueror of the continent, you have to construct various buildings, recruit soldiers & heroes, harness and exploit your resources to build and sustain your economic power and military strength, make and break alliances as you see fit, and use clever battle tactics to outwit your foes and achieve victory.

    Game Features

    1. Fully Customized Characters
    2. Heroes Recruitment & Training System
    3. Dudgeon Quests system
    4. Excellent Gameplay: 18 resources, 62 mines, 43 factories, 74 Buildings, 18 defense works, 20 units, 21     monsters, 11 techniques.
    5. Various Battle Format: PvP, Alliance vs Alliance, Castle Siege, Stronghold Battle


    There are 3 kinds of structures that you can build in early games: Territorial buildings, Resource facilities and Workshops.

    Territorial buildings increase your Territorial Indices which are critical for your territory. The 4 basic buildings (Healing Station, Scout Tower, School, Fraternity) increase the 4 indices respectively.

    Resource facilities yield materials, which would be processed into equipments or other products in workshops. Selling the resource to system is an important way to get funds. For the detailed instruction about resource and workshops.

    Tax revenue is another important source of your income besides selling resources. Tax revenue comes from your citizens. What? You don't know what "citizen" means? OK, lemme explain: You will consume some of your "Unemployed" whenever you build a structure, giving those poor guys a job so they got transformed into citizen who work and make an earning. In other words, any construction gets you more citizen thus increases your tax revenue. But note that the change is not immediately. Instead it would take effect after the monthly clearing.

    Monthly clearing is a special feature of the game that discriminates it with other games.(Under the current setting, 1day game time means 1 minute in reality, so a month would be half an hour). All the territory-regarding datas change after the monthly clearing, including the yields of your resource facilities and workshops, tax revenue, territorial indices and unemployed increases. So don't be confused if you don't see any changes after you built a structure.

    That's pretty much of the starter part. Now you are going to know something about the war. Hero is the most important factor in warfare because all the campaigns are led by heros, so you'd better create your hero early.

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