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A massively multiplayer game that plays right inside your web browser. No downloads and free -- adventure along side other real players while battling monsters in our new real-time combat system. Inspired by Artix Entertainment's three previous games, AQWorlds is a 100% browser based game with real time combat, original art, and an entire world to explore. Battle monsters and obtain weapons, armor, pets and items.

    AdventureQuest Worlds uses a more simplified graphic style than its predecessors to reduce lag time. Most of AdventureQuest Worlds' gameplay is surrounded around the in-game battles that occur. Unlike Artix Entertainment's previous games, AdventureQuest Worlds is multiplayer which allows for freestyle battling with other players. Instead of turn-by-turn basis battles, it uses real time battling with simultaneous players/monsters. Currently, Artix Entertainment has restricted Player vs. Player battling but has stated they may try it since this game is multiplayer. Players may only battle alongside other players against monsters. After a monster is defeated, the players that participate in that particular battle gain experience points and gold. The players currently can use either a melee attack or a spell attack to damage monsters...

    Reviews and Guides
    AdventureQuest Worlds Review
    Adventure Quest Worlds is a new full feature MMORPG by the same company behind the ever popular turn based browser game Adventure Quest.

    AdventureQuest Worlds Training Guide
    This guide tell the players more information about how to train in every level. Through this guide, you may know how can you do when you reach some level. For example, you can know how to do in Level 2-5.

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