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Apocalypse Board Online is a web-based MMORPG, that you start off as a convicted criminal abandoned on an island, you cannot leave so either you survive or you die. This is Apocalypse Board Online and here, you're on your own. No one is going to look out for you or hold your hand, so you best get a grip and learn to take care of yourself. This means making money, getting stronger, and staying healthy.

    Join the biggest battle of all time! Angels and Demons confront each other since millenniums during terrible wars on which the fate of the humanity depends. Will you choose to join Angels in their quest of harmony or will you join Demons and their desire for unlimited power ? Take your decision and come on the battlefield in Apocalypse Board Online.....

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    Apocalypse Board Online Review
    Apocalypse Board Online is a strategy browser MMO from Nightmakers. The game circles around the battle between good and evil in the world which are symbolized by Angels and Demons. Your part in all this is to use either Angels or Demons in a chessboard like battle of supremacy.

    Apocalypse Board Online: Storyline & Units Guides
    Today we bring you the wonderful storyline of Apocalypse Board Online. And the units of 3 camps. In Apocalypse Board Online, you play...

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