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Age Of Lore is a free online magic role-playing game. This free game lets you become a magician in an MMORPG of sorcery and magic. Even Harry Potter could play this game for free. A great game for all aspiring sorcerers and virtual magicians. A game for boys and girls from ages 7 to 77. Of course girls who play are called sorceresses, even sometimes enchantresses.

    Age of Lore is a free online magic role-playing game. You're a magician in a school of magic. You must take lessons to acquire skills and improve your mastery of magic in order to become a powerful mage. Along with your lessons, you will learn to make potions, cultivate magic plants, care for your familiar, and especially explore the magical land surrounding the school.

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    Age of Lore is an online RPG where players play as wizards attending a magic school. Players can explore the world, fight through dungeons, learn new spells, and more.

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