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11x11 is a free online game in the football manager style. You create a football club and manage it, compete with thousands of real opponents. The game doesn't require any installation, you can play it from home and from work.

To play a match

To play a companionable match, it is necessary or to make an application on page Matches - Companionable matches, or in the same place to cause the contender, whose demand already is in the list. After demand acknowledgement the window of adjustment of tactics commands opens.

You can choose arrangement from the standard list or create your own variant, by moving the players in the field with your mouse. At discrepancy of a position and role of the football player, a role designation will be highlighted with red colour.

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Spare players should be placed on "bench" - places at once under a green field in a window of adjustment-arrangement of structure on a match. Under "the Replacement" reference it is possible to choose steams of football players and to expose time of replacements (number in minutes from the match beginning) and then they will occur during the nearest stop of game after approach of time of replacement.

Tactics on a match is adjusted by a choice of balance an attack-protection, and also the manner of game gets out of a standard set of instructions.

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Executors can be in addition defined during standard positions - angular, penal or a foul shot.

A few things about your football team

When starting to play 11x11, you receive a team including a squad of players. You can train them and teach new special abilities and tasks. After celebrating the first victories your players can even learn new positions (combination training).

Your players have several skills available in regard to their positions. For example marking, dribbling, shot power and many more.
A football game and also the training can be very exhausting. You should  keep an eye on your players fitness level. Maybe they will need some free-time or other special actions to recover their fitness.
The teams morale is a very important factor. It will raise and reduce after victories and defeats. But you can get a better a control of your players morale, by hiring a psychologist to you staff.
A player is only effective when playing in his learned postition. His skills will be reduced when playing on an unknown position.
Combination Training
Your players can learn a second position. It is not low priced but it will give the coach more possibilities to place the players on the field.
Every football player will end his career at some time. When reaching the age of 40, every player will retire and enjoy the time with his family or sitting on the tribune.

11x11 Screenshot
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