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Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire is a strategy space mmorpg. In Zorg Empire, Player starts as an Emperor. Players build up planets, research new technologies and create fleets trying to become the ruler of the universe. Here is a guide for newbie to quick start in Zorg Empire. Check below.

Quick Start Guide

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Goal 1a : Mines
Click on the Buildings button on the left menu.
The buildings you need are:
Resource producing buildings:
Metal Mine = Produces metal.
Crystal Mine = Produces Crystal.
Deuterium Synthesizer = Produces Deuterium.
*This buildings require energy to function so you will need the,
Solar Plant = Provides a constant flow of energy for the mines.

Construction Yard:
Robot Factory = Reduces construction time of buildings.
Shipyard (Requires lvl 2 Robot Factory) = Constructs ships and defense. Reduces construction time of ships and defense.
Research Lab = Research Technologies

Build them in this order:

1. Solar Plant (Level 1)
 2. Metal Mine (Level 1)
 3. Metal Mine (Level 2)
 4. Solar Plant (Level 2)
 5. Metal Mine (Level 3)

 *Around this time, you don't have enough resource to continue building.
 Click on the Resources button on the left menu.
  Here you see the resource production overview for the planet. It shows your resource income from your planet. Visit this every now and then to see the effects of you mine upgrades.
  If you are lacking energy, you can lower the power consumption of a mine by decreasing it's efficiency. Reducing the efficiency reduces the power consumption and the resource output.
  6. Metal Mine (Level 4)
  7. Solar Plant (Level 3)
  8. Crystal Mine (Level 1)

  *Not enough resource? Play with the buttons on the left menu. See what every button does.
  9. Metal Mine (Level 5)
  10. Solar Plant (Level 4)

  *Have you read the rules?
  11. Crystal Mine (Level 2)
  12. Crystal Mine (Level 3)
  13. Solar Plant (Level 5)
  14. Deuterium Synthesizer (Level 1)

  *Go to the Technologies screen. These are what you can build, research in the game.
 15. Crystal Mine (Level 4)
  16. Solar Plant (Level 6)
 17. Metal Mine (Level 6)
  18. Metal Mine (Level 7)

  *From here on, the wait will be a little longer. Visit our forums and read the stickies on the help section. Be sure to read the forum rules before posting anything.
 19. Solar Plant (Level 7)
 20. Crystal Mine (Level 5)
 21. Deut. Synth. (Level 2)
  22. Solar Plant (Level 8 )
  23. Deut. Synth. (Level 3)
  24. Deut. Synth. (Level 4)
  25. Deut. Synth. (Level 5)

  *You don't have enough energy, reduce the efficiency of the metal mine on the resource screen. You might have to click the calculate button twice to get the actual result.
  Goal 1a complete
  Goal 1b research and shipyard
 26. Robotics Factory (Level 1)
  27. Research Lab (Level 1)

  *Now we can research technologies. Click on the Research button on the left menu to look at what you can research. Right now it's just computer tech and energy tech. You can research and construct buildings simultaneously.
  28. Research Energy Tech. (Level 1)
  29. Robotic Factory (Level 2)
  30. Research Combustion Engine (Level 1)
  31. Shipyard (Level 1)

  *Click on the Shipyard on the left menu. Now you can build solar sats and light fighters.
  Then click Defense on the Left menu. You can also build a Rocket Launcher.
  You don't need them yet :D .
  32. Research Combustion Engine (Level 2)
  33. Shipyard (Level 2)

  Goal 1b Complete
  *Set your metal mine to 100% and reduce the deuterium synthesizer to 80%.
  You can now build Small Cargo
  *You can research, construct building and build ships/defense at the same time.
  Goal 1 Complete
  You can breeze through this steps by using the "Imperial Support" and the "Increase building queue" from the Zorg Empire Plus!


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