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Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire

Q: Does this game ever reset?

A: No. Not in the foreseeable future.

Q:How can I build Lunar Base ; Sensor Phalanx ; Jump Gate?

A:You need a moon.

Q:How can I get a moon?

A:You need a battle to take place on your planet. After the battle there is chance of getting a moon. 19% is the highest possible chance.

Debris field generated is one way of calculating the moon chance. 19% moon chance needs almost 2m debris. (metal+crystal)

Q:How do I get a new planet. How can I get a colony ship?


For the extreme server you can have a total of 21 planets. 20 colonies + 1 homeplanet.

For the standard and speed servers you can have a total of 10 planets. 9 colonies + 1 homeplanet. You can have an extra planet slot with "Superior Explorers" from the Zorg Empire Plus.

Q:How do I use Inter-Planetary Missiles (IPM)?

A:Go to the galaxy page and look at the icons on the right. Beside the PM, espionage, buddy request. If they are in range of your IPM then there will be a launch missile button.

Q:What is a fleet save? How can I fleet save?


Slash wrote:

Fleet saving is putting your resources on a fleet mission so they are relatively safe from attack until you can be online to use them.

There are several ways to perform a fleet save. You can send your resources towards another player's planet and then recall it before it gets there. You can send your resources to one of your colonies. Or, you can send your resources on a recycler mission to a debris field- effectively doubling your mission time.

Squirrel wrote:

There are various FS's.

Planet - DF - Harvest mission. Ok for a small fleet but others can see with a Phalanx.

Planet - Planet - Transport mission. Same as above, dont rely on it. Also, if you are carrying res it will be dumped on the planet while you are offline.

Planet - Planet - Deploy mission. Best option for those moonless players. Be online for when deploy lands, should someone try attack, you can recall.

Moon - Moon / Moon - DF - Safest fleetsave by far. Invisible to lanx.

You can also fleet save by attacking the moon of inactive players. It is also invisible to the lanx. Just make sure it has no defense that can dent your fleet.

You can change the speed of your fleet to adjust the time on when they will land.

Q:How does the player protection work.

A:You can't attack (a)anyone who has 5x your points or (b)anyone with 1/5 your points. They can't attack you either

Ex: If you have 6k points, you can't attack anyone with more than 30k points and anyone with less than 1.2k points.

Note: The player protection only applies if you have less than 100k points.

Which means when you reach 100k points, (a) is disabled. Even someone with 900k points can now attack you.

(b) still applies. You sill cannot attack someone with who has less than 1/5 your points. Until they reach 100k.

Q:Someone attacked me and I can't attack him back.

A: It is possible the loss of your ships from the attack reduced your points pushing you back into player protection.

Or maybe you tried to attack during the score update. Try again later.

Note: The fleets on a mission are not included in points during the score update. Beware of players taking advantage of this.

Q:In the Galaxy screen, what does the signs beside the names mean?

Zorg Empire

* = There was a recent activity on that planet.

# min = # of mins from last activity. It starts at 10 mins. It disappears at 60 mins.

You can view the legend on the lower right of the galaxy screen by placing your mouse over the word "LEGEND" but some may have problems because the pop-up extends beyond the bottom of the screen.

Q:Can I send resources to my friends?

A:Yes you can. But there are limits.

No player may knowingly send resources to a higher ranking player unless it is done during a trade (in accordance with the Trade Ratios posted on the forums). Once within a 24 hour period a higher ranking player may send the equivalent of 1 hour of production to a lower ranking player (pulling).

Q:24 hr production from the entire empire or from a single planet?


Administrator wrote:

1hr production of each planet/per planet.


Planet A 500 per hour

Planet B 100 per hour

Planet C 50 per hour

Planet A can send send 500 but not 550 even if total hour production is 650.

Note that even this is not making much sense, it is the only way as our algorith works in this way.

You can send 500 from Planet A, 100 from Planet B and 50 from Planet C. If you have 21 planets then you can send 1 hr production from each planet.

Q:How do I join an alliance?

A:Click on the Alliance button on the Left Menu. If you are not in an alliance it will ask you to either create one or search for one. Search for the alliance you want, click on the alliance tag and submit your application. Read more here.

Q:When I raid, my cargo space does not completely fill up.

-You can only raid 50% of the defenders' resources for every attack. That is 50% metal , 50% crystal and 50% deut. Not the 50% of the combined resources.

-1/3 of your cargo space will be used for metal, another 1/3 for crystal, and 1/3 for deuterium.

-Crystal can can take up the cargo space for metal if there is not enough metal filling up to 1/2 the cargo space.

-Deuterium can take up the cargo space for metal and crystal if there is not enough metal or crystal filling up to 100% the cargo space.



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