Zomber Squad Overall Review: A Zombie A Day

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…Keeps the boredom away? Zomber Squad is a Browser Based RPG brought to you Omprus; it's a zombie based micro-management action game using RPG elements and original character art and style.

Let's talk customization and game basics to start off with; Zomber Squad allows you to choose an avatar who 'manages' your squad and can use their one global mega buff. Your squad leader levels up with prestige and does not fight in battle; then you get to choose one out of many heroes under the DPS category, it also shows you in the future you will be able to get some from the tank category and some from the support category. Your team gets 3 slots after you've levelled past a certain point in the game and you can either go typical Tank+DPS+Healer like the game would suggest, but I decided to play with my own spin on things and went two DPS and one support and made sure I gave my support the most EXP I could and gave all my tank items and gear to my DPS so it worked out really effectively.

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Zomber Squad definitely gives you the space to play exactly how you want to play and gives you a generous amount of cash shop as part of quests so you can speed up the game or buy things you'd like, such as membership which is really helpful and some other nice bonuses.

The game is played in a sort of 'map2map' style where you complete all the instances in one map, move to the next map and after you've cleared the region you jump to the next region which expands on new hard challenges, mechanics and constantly tests you to have the best build possible.

There is also something called 'patrol' mode so if you're still at your PC but have to go do something (in my case I needed to go make lunch) I set my team to patrol a medium-hard map 10 times, which will make it grind the dungeon for you 10 times; but with less loot and more chances of failing because the AI isn't perfect but if you choose your map carefully you can come back with a ton of EXP and lots of items to sell or to gear out your character; this feature is really good and I was really happy with the result.

Zomber Squad Screenshot

Taking a deeper look in to the game; the game is set around correctly micro managing your healer and kiting with your characters; you start to figure out which Zombers do the most DPS and which ones you can burst fast, so you can use your skills pretty effectively. I really enjoyed staying alive and completing maps faster and faster with better efficiency. The item stores are pretty intuitive; you can buy items from stores which aren't as good as ones dropped but a good way to gear out a new character and upgrading is a simple "higher enchant level = more stats"

The game is charming, fun and a little bit wacky, but I had fun playing it and it's definitely worth a go.

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