Yitien Guide: Equipment Types

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Here is a guide about different equipment types.


The lowest ranking type of equipment You can buy these type of item in Equipment Vendor (Royal City[level 31-39] and Velvet Harbor[level 41-49])


The next type of equipment is Uncommon, this type of item can give you common or uncommon medal if recycled.
You can easily loot this type of equipment when doing dungeon runs(manual), dungeon blitz or from Heavenly Peak.
*I personally don't recommend the use of uncommon equipment because a rare equipment of the same type with 10 levels lower is better than uncommon one.
[Rare]Jagged Saber (level 51) Attack - 590 and Hit-17
[Uncommon]Leech Saber (level 61) Attack - 555 and Hit - 13


The most commonly used and the strongest among all the types mention since they can easily be obtained.
Recycling this type of item can give you common, uncommon or rare medals.
Drops in dungeon runs(manual), dungeon blitz or from Heavenly Peak.
You can also purchase "RARE SET" in MEDAL SHOP using RARE MEDALS.


Next to rare is epic, they are the strongest equipment one can loot and having one can give you advantage over other types of equipment.
Recycling a single epic item can give you either 2 rare medals or 1 epic medal.
Weapons and Accessories(Rings and Necklace) drops from Heavenly Peak
"EPIC SET" is found in the MEDAL SHOP and you can purchase them using EPIC MEDALS.
Can be converted into LEGENDARY (Level 51 and above EPIC items)


The strongest and the best among all the types of equipment.
Legendary items are 1.5 times stronger than epic*, gives an additional skill (secondary skill)** and has the option to upgrade main item attribute.

You can only create Legendary items by:
1.) Forging shards or pieces of Legendary weapons.***

2.) Upgrading EPIC items (level 51+) using HOLY STONES in Refresh tab under Forge;

*Legendary attributes are 1.5 times higher than epic attributes of the same equipment.

**Additional skills of a legendary equipment can be created in Equip. Skill using MINI HOLY STONES. Further explanation: as shown in the legendary weapon image, the secondary skill is 'Psycho Chop +2' which means if you have 'Psycho Chop level 8' it will become 'Psycho Chop level MAX'

***Finishing all the 'Goals'/Achievement quests gives a player the chance to forge a Legendary weapon using the 7 pieces of the weapon given as reward. Level 90 legendary weapon shards can be obtained in Silent Temple (unlocked when Heavenly Peak level 60 is cleared).



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