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Xhodon is a free fantasy browser game brought to you by the company behind Seafight, DarkOrbit, and Deepolis - Bigpoint. As an omnipotent sorcerer, you bewitch the servants and knights of your castles. Your mission is to protect the sacred artifacts of the land and defend them with your life alongside your brave battle troops.

This is a review made by Booku and first posted on Onrpg. Unlike other reviews, the author not only made the text review, but also made video reviews of Xhodon.Obviously, this review can free some readers from the headache when they read tons of characters:) Check below:

Free Browser Text Mmorpg Review - Xhodon

By Booku on Onrpg

...(Passed over)

Xhodon is atleast a try, it may be text and time based and dont offer really any visual gameplay but honestly the game dosent need visual support.

Every action in the game can be timed out before you actually do it, and the main entertainment value of the game comes with player vs player battles and your helping your guild in the ranking system. Gameplay in Xhodon dosent get tiresome once you build up your summoners level and get setup with a guild.

My Xhodon Review part 1

My Xhodon Review part 2

My Xhodon Review part 3

If anyone dose join xhodon from here your welcome to join my guild ingame xhodon. Simply enter 420 or 420 smokehouse into the guild menu search. I can help people get resources to build there 2nd and 3rd palaces.

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Xhodon Screenshot
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