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World Leaders

World Leaders is a browser-based strategy game. Here is the list of all the weapons. You can check the details and pick the right weapons to perform attacks and propect yourself.

Weapons Description

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Troops – Troops are used in the game to guard your country from enemy ground attacks and full scale invasion. They can be used to defend your country from enemy commando raids, and can also be used to launch commando attack raids.
They can kill and destroy: Troops, APCs, Tanks, Artillery and anti-air missiles.

Tanks – Tanks are very important when you launch full scale invasions. The more tanks you have, the greater the chance of obtaining land. It is important to note that tanks are also used as the last line of defense upon enemy invasion.
Can kill and destroy: Troops, APCs, Tanks and to conquer land.

Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) – APCs will protect your troops until they reach the target point and will then unload them for their mission.
APCs are used to carry troops by land or sea and can protect your troops when the enemy invades. The more APCs you have means that you will increase your troops’ chance to survive before the battle troops vs troops begins.
Can kill and destroy: Troops, APCs and to conquer land.

Artillery – Artillery units are used to soften enemy troop positions and enemy artillery. A good idea is to use Artillery Barrage and to follow it with a Commando Attack. This way the enemy has fewer troops to defend his/her land.
Can kill and destroy: Troops, artillery.

Anti-Air Missiles – The anti-air missiles are used to defend your country from air attacks (i.e. Jets and helicopters) and also from enemy air-reconnaissance missions.
When the enemy sends his bombers and jets above your country then the second line of defense will be the anti-air missiles.
Can destroy: Fighter jets, bombers, airborne surveillance, UAV, Spy planes, transport airplanes, attack helicopters, ASW helicopters, transport helicopters.

Fighter Jets – Jets are a powerful weapon in the game. Their job is to escort the bombers and to supply air cover until the bombers reach there destination. The more jets you have, the greater the chance you will protect your land from enemy bombers that plan to bomb your country. It's important to have air superiority when the invasion begins.
Can destroy: Fighter jets, anti air missiles and bombers.

Bombers – The more bombers you have the more destruction you can bring upon your enemy.
The bombers can be used in bombing run missions and also when you plan to punish an enemy using the aircraft carrier. A good idea is to use them to launch waves of bombing runs before launching a full scale invasion.
Can destroy: Almost everything. You just cannot destroy submarines with the bombers.

Airborne Surveillance – You can use your airborne surveillance planes to track the enemy country and to get important information on enemy military buildup. (See Air Reconnaissance missions)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – The UAV are good for obtaining information on enemy units without risking human life. (See Air Reconnaissance missions)

Spy Planes – Spy planes can give you double the information that the UAV gives and you can gather important information on enemy units. (See Air Reconnaissance missions)

Transport Airplanes – Can be used for one thing only and that is to drop paratroopers above enemy land. The paratroopers will try to conquer the enemy land. The only enemy of the transport airplanes is the anti-air missiles of the enemy and because of this the more technology levels you have in the transport airplanes the greater the chance that more troops will arrive at their target safely.

Attack Helicopter - helicopters are great to use for hitting enemy tanks, APCs, artillery, and troops. Helicopters can be used for hitting enemy tanks, for softening positions and before a full scale invasion. It is important to decrease enemy tanks!
Attack helicopters can destroy double the number of tanks than every other weapon.
Can kill and destroy: Troops, APCs, Tanks, Artillery and anti-air missiles.

ASW Helicopter – These helicopters are equipped with special weapons for use against enemy submarines. You can use the ASW helicopters in missions to try to decrease the enemy’s submarines force.
Can destroy: Submarines.

Click Read More below to check the information of Transport Helicopter, Submarines, Battle Ships, Transport Ships, Aircraft/Helicopter Carriers, Ballistic Missiles, Headquarters, Land Mines, etc.

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